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eirini leousi
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Hello, my name is eirini leousi and I'm 45 years old and currently living in United Kingdom. I am a native Greek speaker and teach English, Greek. I have taught online with Verbalplanet.com since January 2009. I can speak the following languages fluently: Greek, English.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

My name is Eirini, I was born in Greece,

I take residence in UK and I am qualified Language Tutor/Trainer

I am a member of IfL and I have been working closely with Bucks Adult Learning education/language programmes. I am on on-going curriculum and personal development by taking relavent courses. I teach both Greek and English.

I teach english language gcse,

Qualifications & Experience

I am qualified Trainer by Bucks Adult Education. I teach various students at different levels from beginners to intermidiate/advanced. The curriculum consists of everyday use of language for example holiday making, living or setting up to live abroad and business language sessions as an example emailing in Greek, business dialogues,filling out forms in Greek e.tc. All sessions are tailored to individual needs. I also teach students with Greek background and families who relocate to Greek speaking regions.I prepare students for GCSE's in Greek language and I translate and proof read materials from Greek to English and vice versa.

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is relaxing and friendly with a positive attitude.

I create and use my own materials, role palying activities for any subject, flash cards, games and homowork setting. For advanced levels conversational Greek is applied with the appropriate speed of the language and grammar points are emphasised according to students desire to learn.

Detailed Profile in Greek

About me

Με λενε Ειρηνη ειμαι γεννημενη στην Ελλαδα,

Ζω στην Αγγλια 10 χρονια και εχω σπουδασει στην Αμερικη,

εχω συνεργαστει πολυ με το Αγγλικο εκπεδευτικο συστημα και ειμαι μελος σε ενα απο τα τμηματα του. Διδασκω Αγγλικα σε ξενους κατοικους της Αγγλιας για επαγγελματικο σκοπο αλλα και γενικοτερα.

Qualifications & Experience

Ειμαι αναγνωρισμενη απο το συμβουλιο του Δημου με πειρα διδακτικη 12 ετων. Συνεχιζω τις επαγγελτικες μου και προσωπικες μου εξελιξεις με συνεχεις εκμαθεια και εκπαιδευση στον τομεα μου παρακολουθοντας σεμιναρια, προγραμματα και συνεδρια.

Teaching Approach

Τα μαθηματα μου ειναι απλα, κατανοητα, με επαναληψεις, εργασιες με βιβλιο η και χωρις, με διαλογους για διαφορες καταστασεις και προπαντος φιλικη αισθηση. Διδασκω και σε παιδια απο Αγγλο Ελληνες γονεις. Ολα λοιπον τα μαθηματα ειναι στα μετρα που διαλεγετε απο αρχαριους/μεση/προχωρημενους.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
02 Nov 2011
By : dabukaba
Subject : Greek 
Another perfectly excellent lesson. I am amazed by how much I learned in this second lesson. Eirini is truly an outstanding teacher of Greek.
26 Oct 2011
By : dabukaba
Subject : Greek 
Eirini is a very excellent teacher. I learned so much in this first lesson. I will be very happy to continue learning Greek with her as my teacher!
05 Aug 2010
By : Anna82
Subject : Greek 
Very happy with my lesson. Eirini sought my input into the lesson and kept greek conversation flowing in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Appreciated that Eirini wrote down all the words i had difficulty with for my reference. Look forward to continuing
27 Jul 2010
By : Anna82
Subject : Greek 
You were very prompt and i appreciate that. I was a complete idiot for not being prepared with the technology - i will reschedule. sorry :(

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