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  Hello, my name is 党老师 (kids lesson offered) and I'm 49 years old and currently living in China. I am a native Chinese Mandarin speaker and teach Chinese Mandarin. I have been an online Chinese Mandarin teacher with Verbalplanet since May 2009. I can speak the following languages fluently: Chinese Mandarin, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
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My Latest Feedback
27 Jun 2021
 Sunny is a great, patient and very positive teacher who is always encouraging and happy to help with any questions. We had an excellent lesson with her today and are very happy to have found her as a teacher to my 7-year old son. Xie xie!  
23 May 2021
 My 7-year old and Sunny practised reading the Hungry Caterpillar in Chinese and also some speaking! Sunny is very patient, listens and encourages! Thank you!  
20 Mar 2021
 Dang laoshi is a kind teacher and comes prepared with material that demonstrates she has worked with many students before. She is patient and flexible. 
07 Mar 2021
 Great lesson with Sunny! We love learning with her - she’s a great, engaging and lovely teacher. My son has already learnt so much (numbers, colours, animals and much more) within 3 lessons. We will be continuing with the lessons every week!  
28 Feb 2021
 What a great first lesson! Thank you so much! My son really enjoyed the lesson and we are looking forward to the next lesson next week!  
04 Feb 2021
 She makes Chinese easy and fun! Great teacher!  
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About me - English

If your kid(s) love Chinese Language and Culture but need help, please contact me. If you would like your kid(s) LOVE my language and give him/her a good start, please contact me.

Hi! I am teacher Dang and I from China. I am a professional Chinese teacher for kids. I have 13 years online, 9 years with kids experience. I am open and have a sense of humor. I love kids and dedicate to helping kids learning Chinese. My class is easy and fun. I like drawing, singing, music, calligraphy, cooking, gardening, traditional culture and psychology. Book a lesson with me and I will help your kid(s) easily and happily achieve his/her Chinese dream.

Qualifications & Experience

B.A Teaching Chinese as Second Language, Beijing Language and Cultural University, 2008--2012

online Chinese teacher,, 2009 to present

online Chinese teacher, eTeacher group, 2006 to present

online Chinese teacher, Myngle online Language School, 2008 to 2018

online Chinese teacher, italki HK Limited, 2015 to present

online Chinese teacher, Verbling, Inc, 2015 to present

Teaching Approach

• Student-centered,customized, communicative and interactive lesson. Relaxed and fun. REAL Chinese and real life.

• Easy and fun for kids. Using TPR, PPP, Flash card, songs,books, stories and games to help them LOVE Chinese and focus .

• Role play, task-based learning for teenagers help them explore Chinese language and culture.

• I have my own course which is specially designed for kids and my students love it.

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About me - Chinese Mandarin


我是党老师,来自中国石家庄。是一名专业的儿童汉语老师。有着13年网上, 9年儿童和公司培训经验。我性格开朗 ,热爱并致力于儿童汉语教学工作。我语言幽默, 课堂生动有趣。爱好儿童,画画,唱歌,音乐, 书法, 烹饪, 园艺, 中医, ,心理学和中国传统文化。订我的课吧, 我会帮您轻松实现您的中文梦!


Qualifications & Experience




2008年至今,Myngle网上对外汉语教师, 公司员工汉语培训老师

2015年至今,italki 网上对外汉语教师

2016年至今,Verbling 网上对外汉语教师

Teaching Approach

• 以学生为中心,根据学生水平,特点及目标因材施教。激发兴趣,语言文化并进。

• 儿童通过TPR, PPP, 字卡,唱歌,读讲故事,做游戏来吸引他们的注意力,培养激发学习兴趣。

• 青少年通过角色扮演,完成任务,阅读或编故事等方法帮助他们探索汉语语言和文化。

• 独创的专为儿童设计的教学大纲。课程简单易学,趣闻性强,深受儿童喜爱。

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