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Hello, my name is César Polo and I'm 56 years old and currently living in United States. I am a native Spanish speaker and teach Spanish. I have been an online Spanish teacher with since August 2010. I can speak the following languages fluently: Spanish, English.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I was born in Lima Peru, but I am currently living in New York city.

I really like teaching and learning about other cultures and I am so glad to have the opportunity through verbal planet to get in touch with people from around the world.

In my free time I love spending time with my family at the country side and also playing the guitar and singing. I am a fan of classic and progressive rock and I enjoy watching and attending concerts.

Qualifications & Experience

I am a Clinical Psychologist and also a Language Instructor for more than 15 years. I have taught both English and Spanish as a second language in several high schools and Language Institutes here in Ecuador.

At the moment I am starting doing a masters in English Teaching. Last year I also did a course of 120 hours of Spanish grammar and teaching methodology.

In all these years I have had the opportunity to teach students of different age groups such a teenagers, adults and even senior citizens.

In addition I have worked as personal assistant of several retire people who chose Cuenca Ecuador as their place for living.

Teaching Approach

I usually I like to start with a little conversation asking the basics and going further in order to determine the real Spanish level of the students. Afterwards and considering the preferences of the students, I try two approaches: the first is showing the grammar in context through a reading, a listening exercise or a conversation and making the student infer the rules of how things work in Spanish. The second approach is studying and practicing grammar with plenty of exercises and then start to make the student "produce" by means of a conversation or an essay. I also enphasise in developing other skills like reading and writing too.

Detailed Profile in Spanish

About me

Hola, me llamo César y nací en Lima Perú, y por ahora vivo en Nueva York.

Me encanta enseñar y aprender otras culturas y me complace tener la oportunidad de contactar a personas de todo el mundo a través de verbal planet.

En mi tiempo libre me encanta compartir con mi familia en el campo y también me gusta tocar la guitarra y cantar. Soy un fanático del rock clásico y progresivo y disfruto viendo y asistiendo a conciertos.

Qualifications & Experience

Soy un Psicólogo Clínico y también un Instructor de Idiomas por más de 15 años. He enseñado tanto inglés como español en colegios e institutos de idiomas en la ciudad de Cuenca en Ecuador.

Actualmente estoy estudiando un masterado en enseñanza de inglés y el año pasado realicé un curso de 120 horas de gramática española intensiva y metodología de la enseñanza.

A lo largo de estos años he tenido la oportunidad de enseñar a grupos de diferentes edades desde adolescentes y adultos hasta personas de la tercera edad.

Adicionalmente he trabajado como asistente personal de algunos extranjeros jubilados que han decidido vivir en Cuenca Ecuador.

Teaching Approach

Generalmente empiezo con una conversación preguntando lo básico y poco a poco ir a lo más complejo con el fin de determinar el nivel real de Español del estudiante. Después y de acuerdo a las preferencias de ellos intento dos estrategias pedagógicas: la primera es mostrando la gramática española en contexto y haciendo que el estudiante primero reconozca y luego deduzca la regla e identifique los elementos de las oraciones.

La segunda estrategia es analizar y estudiar con detalles la gramática usando varios ejercicios, para luego después "producir" a través de una conversación o un ensayo.

También trato de desarrollar con varios estímulos otras competencias linguísticas tales como la lectura y escritura.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
23 Feb 2019
By : Laura-2019
Subject : Spanish 
Excellent! Very friendly, very clear and good fun. I enjoyed the mix of interesting conversation and structured learning. Really enjoyed my first lesson and looking forward to next week.
16 Dec 2018
By : Ross Findlater
Subject : Spanish 
I studied with Cesar 5 years ago to prepare for a job interview in Spanish when my level was pretty basic. I have started again with him recently prior to a trip. He is an experienced teacher who is well organized and able to adjust to the level you are currently at. He is good at encouraging you to talk, and manages to correct your errors while all the time being encouraging about what you do right. I would obviously recommend him highly since I am working with him a second time!
30 Mar 2018
By : tmatsubayashi
Subject : Spanish 
It's so much fun to learn Spanish from César. He is a fun and friendly, and yet very professional tutor.
27 Mar 2018
By : tmatsubayashi
Subject : Spanish 
Very helpful as always.

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