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 Hello, my name is Luca Lupo and I'm an experienced native Italian language tutor currently living in Sweden. I have been teaching Italian online since 2010. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
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tutor Berittan
 I have had 15 lessons with Luca now and what I have gained far exceeded my expectations. Luca has an incredible amount of resources at his fingertips. Not only do we have conversations, there are crime stories to read, pictures to interpret, audio files for homework and grammar sneaked in without one hardly noticing. Presumably this is all material that Luca has amassed over the 10+ years that he has been giving Skype lessons. I can now how a conversation in Italian and can’t wait for the next lesson with Luca who never makes me feel bad for getting the grammar wrong or forgetting words. I can’t imagine that there could be a better teacher than Luca anywhere as there is simply nothing to improve. 
tutor MarcoSalvio
 I found Luca very good and he adapted to my particular circumstances and requirements. I'm looking forward to studying with him.  
tutor Larry Hogan
 I was very satisfied with the lesson. 
tutor aimeegott
United Kingdom
 Fantastic lesson as always! 
tutor flunkie
United Kingdom
 Fantastic lesson this evening. I'm improving all the time under Luca's expert tutelage. Highly recommended as a tutor. 
tutor flunkie
United Kingdom
 A great lesson in Italian conversation today. Focused and educational, but still fun. 
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About me - English


My name is Luca and I´m 36 years old. I’m from Italy, from Milano exactly. I have been living and working in Sweden for more than 5 years, since I decided to leave my birthplace in order to do new experiences and meet people from different countries and to live here with my girlfriend. I can speak English and Swedish fluently.

Qualifications & Experience

I have got a degree in political science. At the moment and for the last 5 years I 'm teaching Italian to students of different countries and organizing courses for Swedish people who want to learn Italian. I have been teaching on verbalplanet in the last 5 years. My students are from different class groups according to their levels of Italian knowledge. For that reason I am used to teaching to beginners or advanced level classes.

Teaching Approach

”Learning by doing” – We fokus on the practice! You will use the languege starting from the first lesson! We will practice a lot on the conversation completing that with vocabulary and grammar exercise. The language is learnt in a funny and pedagogical way.

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About me - Italian

Il mio nome è Luca e ho 32 anni. Sono italiano e vengo da Milano.Vivo e lavoro in Svezia da due anni dove ho aperto un´attivitá per l´insegnamento della lingua italiana. Parlo inglese e svedese.

Qualifications & Experience

Ho una laurea in scienze politiche. Al momento insegno italiano via internet e dó lezioni di italiano dal vivo nella cittá in cui vivo. I miei studenti hanno diversi livelli di conoscenza della lingua italiana. Per questo motivo sono abituato a insegnare a principianti o a studenti di livello avanzato, e a impostare differenti strategie di insegnamento

Teaching Approach

Le lezioni si concentrano si dall´inizio sulla conversazione. Sin dall´inizio lo studente sará coinvolto in pratiche di conversazione che renderanno meno complicato il rapporto con l´Italia.

La conoscenza della lingua viene potenziata poi dallo studente attraverso esercizi da svolgere a casa; possono leggere per esempio articoli di giornali o racconti, possono fare giochi, imparare o comporre canzoni. Inoltre, molto del materiale che cerco di raccogliere da libri o da Internet tratta di argomenti di cultura italiana a cui i miei studenti sembrano particolarmente interessati.

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About me - Swedish


Jag heter Luca och jag är 36 år gammal. Jag kommer från Italien, från Milano. De senaste fem åren har jag bott och arbetat i Sverige eftersom jag beslutade att lämna mitt land för att få nya erfarenheter och träffa människor från ett annat land och kultur. Jag kan prata bra svenska och engelska och det fungerar bra att undervisa italienska på båda språken.

Qualifications & Experience

Jag har en examen i statsvetenskap. Nu lär jag ut italienska i olika statliga och privata kurser och tränar italienska med några svenska studenter. Mina studenter är på olika nivåer, vilket gett mig bra erfarenhet i att undervisa på nybörjar till avancerad nivå.

Teaching Approach

”Learning by doing” – Ett bra och känt begrepp för en metod som håller, och det är så vi gör. Fokus är på det praktiska, hur du använder och får nytta av språket. Du får träna dig i vokabulär, konversation och uttal och får därmed en bra grund för mötet med Italien. Grammatiken finns hela tiden med som en bas och lärs in på ett roligt och pedagogiskt sätt.

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