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 Hello, my name is Catalina Hernandez and I'm an experienced native Spanish tutor currently living in the United States. I have been giving Spanish lessons online with Verbalplanet since 2011. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
Latest Reviews
tutor Joanna T
United States
 I have greatly enjoyed my time with Catalina. She is a wonderful tutor. She does a great job of blending conversation with grammatical instruction. Once again, great session.  
tutor Joanna T
United States
 Como siempre, una leccion interesante con buena conversacion!  
tutor Joanna T
United States
 Como siempre, una leccion informativa y divertida! 
tutor Joanna T
United States
 Great lesson, as always!! Thank you, Catalina. 
tutor Joanna T
United States
 Great lesson with Catalina!! I really enjoy the lessons and work she prepares; they are detailed, instructive, and she is very helpful when walking through them. I always enjoy my lessons with her.  
tutor Peter S
 Easy to talk to. Looking forward to cooperating. 
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About me - English

I have lived in 4 countries. I'm a graphic designer by profession, and a Spanish teacher by passion.

I LOVE the sound of words in Spanish. I have done some deal of poetry writing, having a story and a poem published in one of Spain's most visited Cultural Online Magazines. I love literature, music, cinema. I like to use all sorts of cultural manifestations to help in this language adventure.

I speak 4 languages well and one basic. So I understand the kind of freedom that being able to communicate with people of different cultures or backgrounds can bring.

Qualifications & Experience

I am a native from Mexico City, but I have been living out of Mexico for over 10 years, and during this time I have dedicated myself to teaching Spanish privately. As a tutor. I have tutored many students successfully in the person to person mode, before I started tutoring online. I have been with Verbalplanet for several years now, and I believe that teaching online is not very different from the face to face tutoring, after all skype does make it very easy to follow a conversation, just as in live, and it has the added advantage of a more convenient schedule, that can fit into anyone's busy life. It also allows for the use of modern technologies, that are not available on face to face tutoring lessons.

I also, for the past 4 years, been working as a Middle School Spanish teacher, pre CoVID in the classroom, post CoVID online for the school as well.

This has given me a lot of experience with students from diverse countries, backgrounds and ages. From 11 to 100, I am here to help you discover the language of Cervantes!

Teaching Approach

Spanish literature is so beautiful and rich that is one of my tools for teaching. I always try to include a little extra reading, a video or some extra vocabulary for after class to help you understand the language, learn vocabulary and become more familiar with every day expressions. Also I believe that the best way to learn a language is to dare talk it. The more you talk the more you learn.

Private tutoring, in contrast to the class environment, provides both the student and teacher a better chance for a more personalized experience. I love to learn about my student's cultures as well as sharing mine with you. I try to include special lessons, readings and videos for each students likes and interests, making the experience truly unique for each student. I also use materials from different countries of the Spanish speaking world so the students are not limited to one accent only. I would love to help you navigate in this wonderful and beautiful world of Spanish language.

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