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Hello, my name is Nicole Selley and I'm 40 years old and currently living in United Kingdom. I am a native German speaker and teach German. I have been an online German teacher with since October 2011. I can speak the following languages fluently: German, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am a German national and have lived in England since 2003. I am a wife and mother and hab beendet teaching german since 2011.

I always loved teaching and have a passion for languages, which is why I am keen to teach German on all levels - from beginners to advanced, for leisure, school or business needs. I also teach preschool at the German academy Leicester.

New students - please contact me prior to a first booking with regards to your level of German knowledge and your needs.

Qualifications & Experience

I have completed a qualification in teaching german as a foreign language through the Goethe Institut. I also have several years of practical teaching experience online and offline for beginners, advanced students and helping with GCSE preparation.

In school I used to provide tutoring to younger pupils in Maths and quickly gained a reputation as being able to explain things differently to the teachers and more in line with the individuals learning style.

I have also worked with many international colleagues in Germany who had limited German knowledge and therefore have a great understanding of the problems arising for English Speakers learning the German language.

Teaching Approach

I firmly believe that learning a new language should be fun. Whilst grammar is very important - especially in a grammar rich language like German - it needs to be part of the students ability to express himself.

The focus of my teaching is therefore the ability to speak, understand and generally communicate in German. Grammar is an important part of this, but rather than focusing on learning the rather comprehensive rule book, I believe that students get better results (both in real life as well as in exams) by learning the grammar through use of the language.

I always strive to adjust lessons to your exact requirements and use interesting and varying teaching material.

Detailed Profile in German

About me


Ich bin Deutsche und lebe seit 2003 in England.

Seit der Geburt Meitner Tochter in 2011 underrichte ich freiberuflich Deutsch.

Ich habe immer gerne unterrichtet und habe eine Leidenschaft fuer Sprachen. Deshalb unterrichte ich Deutsch fuer Anfaenger und Fortgeschrittene, fuer Schule, Beruf oder Freizeit. Ich unterrichte auch eine Vorschulklasse an der German Academy Leicester.

Neue Schüler - Bitte kontaktieren sie mich bevor sie buchen damit wir besprechen können wie gut ihr Deutsch schon ist und was ich vorbereiten muss.

Qualifications & Experience

Ich habe den Kurs "Deutsch als Fremdsprache unterrichten" am Göthe Institut erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

In meiner Schulzeit habe ich viele juengere Schueler in Mathe unterrichtet und mir schnell einen Namen dafuer gemacht, dass ich mich den Schuelern anpassen kann und Ihnen die Aufgaben in einer Art erklaeren kann, die sie besser verstehen koennen.

Teaching Approach

Ich bin der Meinung dass das Erlernen einer Fremdsprache Spass machen sollte. Grammatik ist zwar wichtig - insbesondere in der deutschen Sprache - aber sollte nicht alleine, sondern im Zusammenhang mit der Kommunikationsfaehigkeit der Studenten gelernt werden.

In meinem Unterricht steht daher Kommunikation in Deutsch im Vordergrund. Grammatik gehoert natuerlich dazu (wie auch Wortschatzarbeit), aber Schueler lernen dies durch die aktive Verwendung der Sprache.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
27 Feb 2018
By : Carlos F
Subject : German 
Top teacher! Really professional, friendly and organised. I would definitely recommend Nicole to anyone interested in learning German.
09 Jan 2018
By : Paul R
Subject : German 
Great lesson, really I enjoyed it. A good balance of grammar and learning phrases etc.
02 Nov 2017
By : Paul R
Subject : German 
I really enjoyed my lesson. Nicole was very patient and explained things clearly. The lesson was structured and followed a classroom approach, very professional, excellent.
29 Mar 2013
By : mwaldrop
Subject : German 
Great lesson

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