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Hello, my name is Shraddha Pandey and I'm 55 years old and currently living in India. I am a native Hindi speaker and teach Hindi. I have been an online Hindi teacher with since January 2012. I can speak the following languages fluently: Hindi, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am professionally trained Hindi teacher with over 20 years’ teaching experience. I teach practical Hindi which is spoken in day- today life. I have successfully taught thousands of students Hindi from scratch & helped them in acquiring good conversational skill. I can surely help you to attain your language objectives.

I love music, dance, art, films & gardening. I love being close to nature & traveling to places, where I can be close to nature. I am passionate about decorating my house & collecting art objects & handicraft items.

I enjoy talking to my students talking them & discussing their lives & their culture. Every year I receive many of my Hindi students , whom I invite for lunch / dinner.

My Courses :

I use a unique method of teaching Hindi, through which students make progress very fast and gradually learn how to converse in Hindi in a variety of situations & then gradually enable them greater fluency, read & write Hindi well. My Courses give the students confidence to speak with native speakers in real life situations.

All my teaching material is self-created, methodical, well-structured & scientific. Each of my lesson contains at least one dialogue ( most lessons have 2 or 3 dialogues ) . At least 50% of the class time is devoted to the conversational practice. I also have access to the courses written by my husband which, are among world’s best contemporary Hindi courses , which could lead you from zero level to the highest level in the shortest possible time.

If you see any material anywhere similar to my material, that surely be inspired by my lessons.

Teaching Technique :

On the first day of the language course I carry out a skilled assessment of student’s needs to enable me to determine the methodology to teach him / her ensuring the student makes the best possible progress. Throughout the language course I am on hand to offer advice and help.

My lessons are combination of dialogue, grammar and conversation, which take learners from basic to advanced level in shortest possible time.

I talk to students in Hindi on variety of topics ranging from social, political to cultural topics , the students also learn to speak on these topics . Initially the topics are easy, but gradually they become more & more difficult.

I use video & audio clips to teach Hindi, too.

Courses offered –

Elementary Course ( A 1 ) - This course has been designed for the people , who want to go to India for tourism or religious purpose , to conduct business or to communicate with Indians. This course will teach them how to make simple sentences & to deal with day today conversations such as finding the way , hiring a taxi , asking & negotiating the price , booking a hotel and similar kind of dialogues. It also prepares a base for learning Hindi.

Lower Intermediate Course ( A 2 ) - The Objective of the entire course - dual aim to provide students with –1. Basic to Intermediate level Communication skills 2. intermediate level Writing & Reading skills. The students acquire ability to converse in Hindi in day today situations , to describe pictures , tell stories and talk on various topics using simple to complex structures. The course contains a number of role plays and picture reading material.

Upper Intermediate Course ( A 3 ) - The students are trained to think in Hindi and are made to practice to speak . The course has a higher degree of difficulty. This Courses gives the students confidence to speak with native speakers in real life situations. This contains a number of role-plays and picture –reading material. By the time the course is over they have learnt almost all the grammar structures , one needs for forming sentences.

Advanced Courses ( B 1 , B 2 , C 1 & C 2 ) – The aim of the course to help students to move towards mastering Hindi. They are trained to express themselves effectively. The course contains newspaper articles , articles related with art & culture , short essays related with social issues & short stories. The students discuss various topics with the teacher. .

Hindi & English Teaching in Jaipur(India) :

I have over 22 years’ experience of teaching Hindi of day-today use to all kind of learners the foreigners / non-Hindi speakers / Hindi -speakers in Jaipur.

Hindi School :

I am also deputy director of a reputed Hindi school of Jaipur ( India ) , where Students from different parts of the world come to learn Hindi. Many students, get student-visa on the basis of our letter & learn Hindi with us up to seven years. Our school also attracts research scholars, who want to do research work in India and therefore wish to become fluent in Hindi.

Qualifications & Experience

I have over 20 years of teaching Hindi to foreign nationals ( non - Hindi speakers )

I have a masters degree and bachelor degree in teacher training.

Teaching Approach

innovative method of teaching

I have developed an innovative method of teaching Hindi to foreign nationals / non Hindi speakers. Through this method students make progress very fast and gradually learn how to speak , read & write . All My teaching material is self created , logical and scientific.

My courses help students to acquire basic sentence making, how to converse in Hindi & English in a variety of situations & then gradually enable them greater fluency, accuracy and confidence in the written language and improving their communication skills at the same time. These Courses give the students confidence to speak with native speakers in real life situations.

Devnagari script /Roman script: For the beginners course we offer the possibility to learn using the roman script making it easier to start talking straight away.

Devnagri script Advanced learners will make use of Devnagri script.

The courses have a dual aim to provide students with --

1. Basic to Advanced communication skills [ Practical language , with the help of which a person can communicate with other speakers thus enabling them to fulfill basic communication needs.]

2. Basic to Advanced Writing and reading Skills.

My last class was :
3 days ago.
03 May 2019
By : bpw75008
Subject : Hindi 
Usually I am being asked what happened the last week. This helps to express things of normal life in Hindi. Then we continue by working on normal grammar and other exercises. It works very fine.
15 Feb 2019
By : bpw75008
Subject : Hindi 
हम हमेशा अच्छी कलास होती है
23 Nov 2018
By : bpw75008
Subject : Hindi 
Again we had a nice class. We are having one lesson after the other in a structured way. That means, there is always a specific subject that we are treating. I take notes, and later learn these notes.
18 Oct 2018
By : bpw75008
Subject : Hindi 
We had a nice class. We are going through lessons, but there is also room for some oral discussions, means, I need to quickly construct sentences in Hindi of what I want to say. Good exercise.

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