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  Hello, my name is Pascale Xuereb and I'm 46 years old and currently living in France. I am a native French speaker and teach French. I have been an online French teacher with Verbalplanet since April 2012. I can speak the following languages fluently: French, English, Italian. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
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13 May 2022
 Pascale provided me with the most fascinating material concerning Joséphine Baker, an artist in whom I have a special interest. I was amazed when Pascale told me that she personally transcribed, word for word, the lengthy French interview with one of the adopted sons of Joséphine Baker. I would never have been able to understand the oral presentation, but thanks to Pascale, I was able to read the French transcription, gaining much more insight into the amazing life of this fascinating American. Only a dedicated professor would decide to undertake such a valuable transcription! 
13 May 2022
 I look forward to our next lesson.  
28 Apr 2022
 For the first time, I had the courage to summarize the plot of 2 French movies that I had enjoyed, directed by Claude Chabrol, whom Pascale had recommended to me. I have never attempted to recount a plot before. Even though parts of my effort were rough, it was an accomplishment for me to be able to continue through to the end. Each lesson with Pascale is a treasure trove of interesting material for me, to inspire me to keep up my efforts in French conversation. 
22 Apr 2022
 While watching a 1942 film for which subtitles were not available in my country, I was still able to grasp the gist of it since it was a comedy/police story. Discussing it with Pascale was helpful to fill in the missing information. I found out that I had gotten the general idea. Pascale explained the insulting term for policemen used in the film, that preceded the word gendarme. Our discussion of songs filled up the rest of our time together. Pascale has a marvelous background in all subjects. I was able to use a term I had read for a hit song: un tube. Just having time to talk helps some words begin to come out of my brain. One has to talk, and now I have a chance to try! Next week we will discuss the theater. 
15 Apr 2022
 My lesson was informative and focused on French films. I recalled French films that I had enjoyed, and Pascale provided a wonderful treasure trove of background to round out our discussion. Afterwards, I read in French about Jean Rochefort, whom we had discussed, and discovered that he had starred in other films that I love, like Le Placard and Ne le dis à personne. I also have additional movie information to research for my personal enjoyment. After a review of my notes and suggestions from this session, I am ready to start on my first assignment after my first lesson! 
08 Apr 2022
 Mon introduction me plaisait parce que je me sentais à l'aise, grâce à Pascale. Parler en français, c'est difficile pour moi. Si je suis relaxée, ma communication orale améliora graduellement. 
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I’m a native French speaker, and have lived in South of France since 1975.

I’m a professional and dynamic teacher, flexible, adaptable, easy-going, friendly, patient, well-organized, and eager for my students to succeed. I speak French, Italian and English, together with some Spanish, Polish and German.

I have a good general knowledge background, in addition to languages, I have studied art, cinema, and literature. I enjoy new intellectual challenges.

My favorite pastimes are reading books and watching films. I like cooking and walking in the countryside.

I enjoy work, am conscientious and don’t mind working long hours. I’m looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for the French language and culture with others.

Qualifications & Experience

I earned a certification to teach French as foreign language in 1998 from University of Avignon. Since then, I have been teaching French (and Italian) as a foreign language (totaling over 20 years of experience, of which two were spent teaching in Poland).

I have also taught general French courses, courses on French culture and heritage (civilization, history, geography), and specialized French courses, including scientific and technical French, business and new technology, policy, economy and diplomatic relations.

I have worked with European officials and businessmen (including those working for the UN, WFP, UNDP, MFA. More generally, I have worked with foreigners wishing to travel or live in France or in a French-speaking country such as Switzerland or Canada, and with students who need a tutor for specific exam purposes. I have prepared my students to take TCF, DILF, DELF, and DALF exams.

Teaching Approach

I give lessons to both adults and teenagers face-to-face or one-to-one, from beginner to advanced levels. My approach is focused on the requests of learners, though I prefer an interactive methodology.

My objectives are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

I adapt my teaching style to suit students’ needs. I have patience, understanding, perseverance and thoroughness. I try at all times to give clear explanations, using concrete examples and situations.

I’m good at encouraging the self-confidence which enables students to feel linguistically secure enough to make the leap into fluid communication.

I know from my own experience that learning a foreign language should be both a pleasure and an enjoyable adventure. It’s also a great opportunity to share culture, customs and traditions. I do my best to pass all of this on to my students in an enjoyable and relaxed manner.

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About me - French

- Ma langue maternelle est le français et j’habite le Sud de la France depuis 1975.

- Je suis un professeur très professionnel, dynamique et flexible. Amicale, patiente, bien organisée, je m’adapte vite et n’ai qu’un objectif : la réussite de mes étudiants.

- Je parle français, italien et anglais. Je connais un peu d’espagnol, de polonais et d’allemand.

- J’ai une bonne culture générale, en plus des langues étrangères, j’ai étudié l’art, le cinéma et la littérature.

- Lire et regarder des films font partie de mes passe-temps favoris. J’aime cuisiner et marcher en pleine nature.

- J’aime mon travail, je suis consciencieuse et ne compte pas trop le temps que je passe avec mes étudiants. Je travaille généralement du crépuscule à l’aurore pour que nos amis d’autres continents puissent avoir un professeur natif plus facilement joignable. J’ai hâte de partager avec vous mon enthousiasme pour la langue française et la culture de mon pays.

PS : J’aime les nouveaux défis.

Qualifications & Experience

J’ai obtenu ma licence de FLE en 1998 à l’université d’Avignon. Depuis, j’enseigne le français langue étrangère (et l’italien), j’ai plus de 20 ans d’expérience dont deux passée en Pologne. Je donne des cours aussi bien de français général (langue et phonétique mais aussi la culture, l’histoire, la littérature, la géographie) que de Français sur objectif spécifique , sciences et techniques, français des affaires, nouvelles technologies, politique, économie, relations diplomatiques.

J’ai travaillé avec des Officiels européens, hommes d’affaires, chercheurs, personnes travaillant pour le PAM, PNUD ou MAE de leur pays. Le plus souvent, mes apprenants souhaitent parler français car ils désirent voyager, travailler, vivrent en France ou dans un pays francophone ou bien ils ont besoin d’une aide ponctuelle lors de cours intensifs pour passer un examen. J’ai préparé nombreux d’entre eux aux tests du TCF, DILF, DELF et DALF.

Teaching Approach

Je donne des cours particuliers aux adultes et aux adolescents de tous les niveaux (de A1 à C1). Mon approche est centrée sur la demande de l’apprenant, ma méthode est interactive. Le cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues est un de mes outils.

J’adapte mon enseignement pour être au plus proche des besoins de l’étudiant. J’ai beaucoup de patience, de compréhension, de persévérance et de rigueur. Je tente toujours de trouver des solutions si problème il y a , en donnant des explications claires à travers des exemples précis et des situations concrètes.

J’encourage au maximum la confiance en soi afin que mes étudiants de tout âge se sentent à leur aise pour prendre des risques et se lancer dans la communication.

Selon moi, apprendre une langue étrangère doit être un plaisir et une aventure agréable voire passionnante. C’est aussi la chance de partager avec l’autre une culture, des us et coutumes, des traditions. Je vous transmettrai cela dans une ambiance détendue et enjouée

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