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Hello, my name is Hae J Kim and I'm 66 years old and currently living in United States. I am a native Korean speaker and teach Korean. I have been an online Korean teacher with since February 2013. I can speak the following languages fluently: Korean, English.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Korean Language Teacher,Korean Language Consultant/Linguist,Proof-reader : You can level up your Korean through clear, full understanding communication with experienced NATIVE KOREAN TEACHER. : I am a native Korean instructor and I moved to the USA from Korea in 2008.Born, raised, graduated from prestigious university and received B.S. degree in Pharmacy in Seoul, capital city of South Korea, speak standard Korean language.

I have been teaching Korean for all levels of confidency and ages. Most of my students have become long-term clients learning Korean from me 2~3 years. : Business men, diplomats, students need private tutoring who are taking or finished Korean language course at college/university, have plan to study abroad to Korea, preparing TOPIK, which is the Test of Proficiency in Korean. English speaking students emphasize, no matter why you need to learn Korean language, understanding everything clearly (not by guess) is so important from the beginning. It includes the meaning of lesson content, Korean grammar and rules. So the clear communication with tutor is as student's level of Korean proficiency advances day after day. I also worked as " Korean Language Linguist ", " Korean Language Consultant" and did proof-reading for Korean e-Workbook.

Before I moved to America I had operated my own International Business Seminar Company for 5 years in Korea about “How to Successfully Conduct Business in Korea profitably and legally” to CEOs of Foreign National Companies, Bankers and Embassies, just name of few, facing different business, social, cultural and political organizations. So, I can also introduce Korean culture and the business environment in Korea.

Let me hear from you soon so we can start an exciting dialog together!


Hae J. Kim

Qualifications & Experience

Native Korean.

Feb. 2013- Present : Online Korean Language Instructor ,

Jun. 2009 – Present :Korean Language Instructor, Berlitz Language Center, USA

Jul. 5, 2013-Present : Korean Language Consultant (Proof Reading for Korean e-Workbook ),

American Language Learning Software and Courses Company, USA

Dec. 2012 -2014 : Korean Linguist (Reviewer/QA tester), Mindlink Resources

Apr. 2011– Dec.2013 : HR/Recruiting manager for ESL teachers, Korean Online English Platform

Teaching Approach

You will learn practical conversational Korean by practicing real life communication through instant role playing and by speaking more than 90 % only Korean during the lesson.-You will find yourself utilizing the expressions you learned in Korean naturally, instinctively. All the teaching materials for each class will be tailor-made depend on student's learning objects and Korean language level

Your class will be much more exciting in a live virtual classroom setting where I can share teaching materials with you.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
22 Nov 2019
By : johannespfeiffer
Subject : Korean 
I had 5 teachers in Korean language until now. Mrs HJ Kim ist by far the best one. Very clearly structured and experienced she has always a good explanation for a westerner to understand the asian way of grammar. Thank you!
25 Feb 2019
By : emmahill
Subject : Korean 
Ms. Kim is very good at explaining complicated grammar concepts in an easy-to-understand way.
18 Feb 2019
By : emmahill
Subject : Korean 
I always very much enjoy my classes with Ms. Kim. They are very helpful.
14 Feb 2019
By : emmahill
Subject : Korean 
Very helpful class. I feel like I can make fast progress learning from Ms. Kim. She is very patient!

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