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  Hello, my name is Andrey Pavlov and I'm 49 years old and currently living in Russia. I am a native Russian speaker and teach English, German, Japanese, Russian. I have been an online German teacher with Verbalplanet since February 2013. I can speak the following languages fluently: Russian, English, French, German, Japanese.  
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16 Jul 2020
 Andrey was patient and encouraging, he also had plenty of study material ready for our lesson. It was my first lesson in German and a very good introduction. Vielen Dank, Andrey!  
01 Jul 2020
 Very effective teaching methods, a lot of practice, useful handouts. Thank you! 
23 Jun 2020
 professional with a lot of patience very good 
17 Jun 2020
 The teacher has his unique and effective teaching strategy. He is very patient and takes time to explain the rules by lots of examples and practice. Highly recommend!  
16 Jun 2020
 very good lesson Andrey is a good teacher highly recommended 
29 Apr 2020
Roy L
 Andrey is a great teacher. He understands the grammar and he makes sure you understand it too.  
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About me - English

I like foreign languages and also enjoy teaching them. I graduated from a technical university and after 6 years I graduated from a linguistic university. My technical education background enables me to apply various mathematical approaches, to speak and teach foreign languages.

I am also very interested in the psychology of learning and, I think, I have developed a few learning strategies which have proved to be very effective.

Qualifications & Experience

State Technical University of Kazan, Russia

State Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

International TEFL Teacher Training, Certification in Teaching Skills

Teaching Business English Course, Certification in Teaching Business English

Fortbildungskurs "Deutschunterricht planen" , Goethe-Institut

I have 19 -year working experience in teaching foreign languages. I also write language learning mobile apps.

Teaching Approach

I truly believe that grammar is the most important aspect of mastering foreign languages. Yes, without knowing words grammar is useless, but just knowing a few words and not being able to connect them won’ t get one very far. Yes, one can order food or tell a taxi driver a destination point without knowing any grammar, just the right words are enough. However, if one wants to understand what is being said or explain something or even make a simple sentence, grammar is a must. That is what my printouts are all about : they categorize many common words into groups to make it easier to build correct sentences with them according to a grammar rule. The words presented, as well as the grammar constructions trained, are remembered very effectively this way. During the lessons, students study words and grammar this way ( building their own sentences ) and read various texts in the internet to solidify their obtained grammar / vocabulary usage skills. Of course these texts are analyzed and discussed. I have made lots of such grammar / vocabulary printouts and I send appropriate ones to students before, after, or during the current lessons. I think that such “ categorization method “ is very effective and can also be used to learn any foreign language. In the past I did a research in the area of AI, specifically , pattern recognition, and later came up with a idea to use some of those pattern recognition algorithms to teach foreign languages. My approach is so simple to use that all one needs to do is to pay attention to a grammar structure being learned to make perfect sentences. One can start learning at any point, being a complete beginner or an advanced student does not make any difference to the approach, only printouts will be different.

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