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Hello, my name is George Pandeleos and I'm 50 years old and currently living in Greece. I am a native Greek speaker and teach English, Greek. I have been an online Greek teacher with since February 2013. I can speak the following languages fluently: Greek, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me


I live in Greece, a few miles away from the capital, Athens. I have been a professional tutor of Greek (my first language) and English for over 25 years. I have the reputation of a patient and understanding teacher. I am a great nature aficionado, often selecting forest forays over urban recreation.

Qualifications & Experience

I graduated from the English & Greek Language & Philology Department of the University of Athens (BA). Since then, I have attended approximately 500 hours of seminars and conferences on Language Teaching Methodology. I have tutored students from various countries and industry backgrounds in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. I have extensive experience of a wide variety of examinations as well as of English for Specific Purposes (Business, Economy, Telecommunications, Law, Maritime Studies, Information Technology, Medicine) thanks to my background as a certified translator and interpreter.

Teaching Approach

First of all, I establish the level and needs of each student. This will help me to focus on the specific skill(s) that the student wants to develop (listening, speaking, reading or writing). Then, I decide on the appropriate teaching material and the average hours of the course. My extensive experience enables me to adapt any material to the level and needs of each student.

Each lesson has a specific aim. Most lessons end with homework assignment, feedback on the student’s performance and tips on further progress.

At regular intervals, I seek feedback from the student that what we have been doing is to his/her satisfaction. The student’s feedback will help me to decide whether to continue in the same way or design a new syllabus.

I conduct my lessons on a special teleconference platform that offers me the possibility of uploading and handling audio and video files, as well as almost all other files. The student is exposed to and uses the language from the very first lesson. I treat language as a tool that helps people to communicate and express their everyday needs, rather than as system of rigid rules. I use a wide variety of teaching materials ranging from course books to stories, newspaper articles and songs.

My last class was :
3 days ago.
07 Nov 2018
By : ChrisPannell
Subject : Greek 
George is a great teacher. Patient, thorough, and readily adapts his lessons to a particular student's needs. All the lessons I have had have been good. Hard work but good. You MUST put in time outside the lessons, this goes for all all learning.
01 Aug 2018
By : lukebald
Subject : Greek 
Very good.
31 Jul 2018
By : ChrisPannell
Subject : Greek 
I enjoyed the lesson. I feel stretched already, which is good ! The lesson transcript will be very useful.
24 Apr 2018
By : AndrewDuffy
Subject : Greek 
Excellent....if a little scary. I might have bitten off more than I can chew here!

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