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  Hello, my name is Winnie YL Su and I'm 58 years old and currently living in Canada. I am a native Chinese Cantonese speaker and teach Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin. I have been an online Chinese Cantonese teacher with Verbalplanet since February 2013. I can speak the following languages fluently: Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
My Latest Feedback
09 May 2020
 My 10-year-old son had his first beginners Cantonese session with Winnie and she is great! She has visual material prepared and walked him through dialogue and does a great job with explaining and getting him to repeat the material. There is no doubt she is a trained language teacher.  
06 Dec 2019
 The teacher is very good and very patient. 
05 Nov 2019
 very good class 
25 Oct 2019
 Very good  
22 Oct 2019
 Very good, and very nice. 
15 Oct 2019
 Winnie does a good job of keeping the conversation going and also of identifying relevant vocab. She provides a written summary of vocab and phrases together with tones which is really useful. However, for my taste she does too much of the talking without coaxing the student to respond more, and her speed/complexity may be too high. She could do more to encourage the student to repeat the vocab already covered and engage in two-way discussion. The sound quality is also not great - she could consider using a headset. 
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About me - English

I am a native Mandarin and Cantonese speaker with a good command of English. I live in Toronto, Canada.

I am a qualified and professional Mandarin and Cantonese teacher with extensive experience in both individual and group settings. I have been successful in helping students learn and improve their Mandarin and Cantonese since 2001.

I love the languages I teach. I enjoy working with people, have a passion for teaching, and am outgoing and extremely patient.

I love music and singing and can teach you how to sing Chinese songs. I also like reading, writing, travel and philosophy.

My Skype name is yingli002

Qualifications & Experience

I have a B.A. with a Post Graduate Certificate in social science.

My professional qualifications include a Teacher’s Certificate and a Certificate of Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language.

I have offered live online lessons over Skype since 2008 and I am very experienced in providing professional online lessons that are highly effective.

I have taught students with wide-ranging backgrounds, professions, needs, interests and levels ( from beginner, intermediate to advanced ). Over the course of my teaching career, I have earned positive reviews and praise from my students. Below are some reviews given by my students:

Review from Jolin Chan:

excellent experience with Winnie's skype lessons!

I am a beginner in Cantonese without any previous experience in this language. I took lessons with Winnie over skype on the internet and had a lot of improvement even in a short period of time. I leaned a lot of basic conversation skills and can now speak quite confidently.

Winnie has very systematic, organized, and practical lesson plans. She used many different teaching tools to help me learn to speak quickly. She was also able to tailor her lessons according to my needs and progress. Winnie has been an excellentand highly helpful teacher to me. Being able to learn over the internet via skype has also been convenient and effective!

By: Jolin Chan

April 2, 2012

Hours of Instructions: 40

Review from Jacqueline Olson:

Winnie is a fantastic teacher!

She is very well organized and takes time to plan out each lesson for you so you can gain the proper understanding of the language.

I have no background in Cantonese. Winnie has made my experience with learning this language an amazing journey. She has boosted my confidence alot with the few months I have had her as my teacher. I look forward to each lesson I have with her, which is once a week!

I would highly recommend Winnie as a teacher. To me she is the ideal teacher to have when it comes to learning a new language. She really takes time and interest in you.

She is committed to helping you learn this language and you can really tell she takes pride in the work she does. I really appreciate her patience and kindness towards me in respect to learning Cantonese. She makes me feel extremely comfortable.

Thank you so much Winnie, I look forward to our next lesson!

Jacqueline Olson

May 1, 2012

Hours of Instructions: 21

More references available upon request.

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is completely customized to your specific needs, based on your level of proficiency, goals and interests.

I have a wide range of tools at my disposal to help you achieve your objectives, including structured lessons, a professionally designed curriculum, multimedia learning materials, and exercises.

I use all kinds of teaching techniques to make the learning environment positive and effective and I provide instant feedback to enhance your learning experience.

I offer live online lessons over the Skype. I am very experienced in providing professional online lessons that are highly effective.

I offer private Mandarin/Cantonese lessons, tutorials and small group classes for different levels and purposes:

-Conversational Mandarin and Cantonese (with a focus on oral communication )

-Mandarin and Cantonese courses (form Beginner through Advanced)

-Business Mandarin and Cantonese ( communication skills course for businessman )

-Mandarin and Cantonese for students (after-school program)

-Ten Lesson Course for Tourists

-a short-term spoken Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) for 12 lessons.

-Chinese grammar ( primary, intermediate and advanced)

I offer trial lesson half price to students.

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