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 Hello, my name is Enrique Sacristán and I'm an experienced native Spanish language tutor currently living in Spain. I have been teaching Spanish online since 2013. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
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Latest Reviews
tutor 17 Mar 2023
 Enrique is an excellent Spanish instructor and a very kind person! His classes are helpful and he keeps the conversations interesting and engaging, and we get to practice lots of Spanish words, phrases and tenses that I don't use in my basic/casual day-to-day conversations.  
tutor 25 Nov 2022
 After 2 lessons with Enrique, I feel like this is what I needed to help me get my Spanish to the next level. He is patient, but his style of teaching gets you engaged quickly and there is almost no English spoken during the lesson...looking forward to this journey to speaking Spanish confidently. 
tutor 09 May 2022
 You will speak a lot during class with Enrique. He motivates you to speak and make corrections of your errores.  
tutor 13 Jan 2021
 Perfect :) 
tutor 07 May 2020
 Enrique has a great method of teaching, he provides feedback and corrects your errors, and does interactive activities to help practice grammar and vocabulary. An enjoyable and helpful lesson! 
tutor 27 May 2019
Mihun C
 He is a very good teacher. He prepared a document and based on this he asked questions to me and i answered and asked something based on the document he prepared. And he corrected my mistakes when i said wrong. I can say that i already learned a lot during one class with him. I want to recommend him to other people who are trying to find a good teacher. 
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About me - English

I've been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for more than twenty years now.

I lived abroad for years but came back to Spain 7 years ago. I really enjoy teaching my native language. I've also had the opportunity to see published what I've learned in the classroom.

"Libro de ejercicios del Diccionario práctico de gramática" by Edelsa and "Protagonistas" By SM both in Spain.

Qualifications & Experience


1983 Bachelor of Education. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

1989 Master in Spanish Filology. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Professional Work Experience as Spanish Teacher for non native speakers.


1989 Dinámica, Madrid.

1990-93 Profesores de Español School Madrid.

1993-97 Tándem, Escuela Internacional, Madrid.

1996-97 Escuela Popular La Prospe. Madrid.

2004-07 Enforex, Madrid


1995 Clark University. Worcester, Massachusetts.

1997 El Taller Latinoamericano. New York.

1997 Multi-Languages Consultans Inc. New York.

1997 English Language Learning Centre, New York.


1998-2000 The Language Training Centre. Kingston.

1998-2000 University of The West Indies, Kingston.


2001 English Language Services. Paris.

2002/2004 Télélangue. Paris.

Teaching Approach

In my opinion, learning a foreign language has some kind of magic. I really like teaching my native language. At the same time I consider myself as a French and English learner and I think for a language teacher it´s important to combine both experiences,

I believe that learning a language by Skype is an excellent experience. Teacher and learner are in very good communicative conditions and this wonderful tool makes it possible to talk and to read and write, just like into the classroom.

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