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Hello, my name is Keiko Yamamoto and I'm 42 years old and currently living in Czech Republic. I am a native Japanese speaker and teach English, Japanese. I have been an online Japanese teacher with since July 2013. I can speak the following languages fluently: Japanese, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello, I'm Keiko. I'm native Japanese, currently living in Prague, the Czech Republic.

I teach both Japanese and English.

Languages have always been my curiosity. The best thing about being a teacher is to be able to meet people from all works from life - from 2-year-old children to 74-year-old retired men, young students, bank managers, company CEOs, architects, university professors, etc.

My best teachers are my students. Throughout my career, I can't describe how much I learned from them.

My motto is my music teacher's words: "If you enjoy, you'll learn more." I'll do my best to motivate your language learning.

Let's have fun and improve your confidence in speaking English and Japanese!

Qualifications & Experience

I've been working with languages ever since I started working in 1995, studied at an English vocational school majored in translation, then worked for a company as a sales assistant, responsible for customer service, translating the company's website, making pamphlets, attending conferences to give presentations of our products etc...

And 2006, my live has been changed. I became an English teacher.

After teaching English in Japan for nearly 6 years, I moved to the Czech Republic and teach English and Japanese. My students range from beginners to highly advanced.

- 2-year college education specialized in English/Japanese translation

- TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) diploma at Sprott-Shaw International Language School in Vancouver, Canada

- Cambridge TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate at Caledonian School in Prague, the Czech Republic

- 2-year college education specialized in English/Japanese translation

- 8 years as a sales assistant and in-house translator

worked for a company as a sales assistant and in-house translator, customer service to international clients

Teaching Experience


- Teaching English since 2006, took TESOL diploma, TEFL certificate

- Experience teaching English (grammar, conversation, pronunciation, test-preparation etc)


- Teaching Japanese since 2012, from business formal Japanese for advanced students to beginners, applying the teaching method, principles and experience of teaching English.

Teaching Approach

[Communicative, student-centered approach]

- Focusing on conversation skills

- goal setting with students

- focusing on building vocabulary and conversational phrases

- Goal setting with students, and providing advice to achieve their goals

- Motivate students by telling them their strengths and which areas to focus on, giving clear instructions for improvement.

Japanese --------------------------------

- reading/writing practice (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji) according to students' level

English -----------------------------------

- Provide comfortable, relaxing atmosphere in order for students to relax and speak in English.

My lesson style is based on my experience and the knowledge from the TESL and TEFL courses. It's student-centered, which means that students speak 70% or more time during the lesson, focusing on specific target language and let students practice as much as possible.

Detailed Profile in Japanese

About me

Not complete

Qualifications & Experience




Teaching Approach

レッスンスタイルは、基本的に「文法 + 単語 = 会話」。テーマを決めて生徒さんから単語を引き出したり、用意したPDFで単語を勉強していただき、そのテーマで使える文法表現を学んでいきます。教科書は基本的に「みんなの日本語」。JLPTを目指す方には「日本語総まとめ」と「完全マスター」。ビジネス日本語を勉強したい方には、新聞記事や教科書などを参考にしたビジネス用語と文法のPDFを作ります。

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11 Sep 2018
By : willysfla
Subject : Japanese 
Excellent first lesson. Keiko sensei is upbeat, focused and very patient!
12 Jul 2018
By : chytrik
Subject : Japanese 
29 Jun 2018
By : chytrik
Subject : Japanese 
15 Jun 2018
By : chytrik
Subject : Japanese 

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