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Hello, my name is Alexia Kompothekra and I'm 32 years old and currently living in Greece. I am a native Greek speaker and teach Ancient Greek, Greek. I have been an online Greek teacher with since January 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: Greek, English, French. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

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Hello :)

My name is Alexia and I am a 32 year-old greek language teacher. I work as a school counselor in the morning and as a greek language tutor in the afternoon. I am an experienced, friendly and patient teacher with a strong academic background. My students' age varies and I know very well how to adjust the lesson according to my student's needs and expectations. I LOVE my students and they love me too!

Ι am committed in teaching! This is why I created a youtube channel where you can find online videos and listenings for all levels:

In my Facebook page I upload greek songs, video series, poems and many things about the greek language and culture. Here you can find the link:

In my free time I enjoy anything that has to do with art, crafts and photography. I like traveling and being creative. So far I have travelled in many different countries in Europe, Balkans, Africa, South America and Asia. My travelings made me wiser and respectful to different cultures!

Now you will have already a brief idea about who I am!! I would love to meet you, learn new things from you, teach you the Greek language and share my culture!

Qualifications & Experience

I hold a BA in Greek Language and History from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After graduating I realized that for someone to teach a language, being fluent at it is not enough. I, therefore, obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education & Child's Psychology from the University of Thessaly and a Master's degree in Educational Psychology at the Nicosia University.

My studies helped me identify improved ways of teaching for different backgrounds depending on the age, the emotional intelligence and the knowledge level of each student. I have been teaching modern and ancient greek since 2007 to greek students of all ages including children, teenagers and adults - with or without learning disabilities.

When I decided at 2012 to teach foreign students I knew that I needed a different way, a more sufficient methodology! This is why I attended an intensive course in Teaching Modern Greek as a Foreign/Second Language at the Greek Language Centre in Thessaloniki. This particular training helped me establish different techniques and methods of teaching the greek language to non-native speakers either face-to-face or through online classes. I teach in verbal planet since 2014 and I must admit that the experience is more than rewarding!! I highly regard the opportunity to transfer my knowledge to people all around the world, through cognitive and emotional interaction!

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is student centered. The class is built according to my students' needs and expectations, though I prefer an interactive methodology. I am flexible, highly professional and well organized. We will start with the phonology and then we will build vocabulary, grammar and syntax. You will learn the mechanisms of the language, recruitment and processing of demanding texts (oral and written), vocabulary but also the grammatical and syntactical structures. By considering as the most important task the speaking I emphasize at it.

I have patience, understanding, perseverance and thoroughness and I try at all times to give clear explanations, using concrete examples and situations. I’m good at encouraging the self-confidence which enables students to feel linguistically secure enough to make the leap into fluid communication.

I know from my own experience that learning a foreign language should be both a pleasure and an enjoyable adventure. It’s also a great opportunity to share culture, customs and traditions. So, in our class you will not only learn the Greek language, but you'll also taste the Greek culture through the language!

My last class was :
2 days ago.
17 Apr 2019
By : khalidjaafar
Subject : Greek 
How I enjoy reading Antigone in Greek and Alexia guided me through the complexity of ancient Greek grammar.
14 Apr 2019
By : khalidjaafar
Subject : Greek 
Now we are reading Sophocles' Antigone. I enjoy it.
12 Apr 2019
By : khalidjaafar
Subject : Greek 
Alexia is a great teacher. This is my first lesson. She helped me rediscovered what I had learn earlier. I believe I will make a lot of progress.
01 Apr 2019
By : dminasid
Subject : Greek 
You always help me improve my greek and your lessons are so well structured. Thank you for all the effort you put :o)

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