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Hello, my name is Antonio Rodriguez and I'm 119 years old and currently living in Spain. I am a native English speaker and teach English, Spanish. I have been an online English teacher with since January 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, Spanish. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

My name is Antonio Rodriguez, I was born in El Salvador, a small country in Central America. I lived for 5 years in Costa Rica, 6 years in Canada, and 7 Years in the United State. I have also traveled to Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras.

I am fascinated by meeting people from other cultures and countries. My hobbies include reading, sport, surfing, cooking, photography, and new technologies. (I am currently studying web design with emphasis on graphics.)

I became proficient in English while living in Canada and the United States. It was a wonderful experience to have lived in these multicultural countries where I made many friends from all over the world.

Qualifications & Experience

I have a TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language) and other certifications.

For the past six years I have been working as an English Instructor at the best bi-lingual school in El Salvador where we use the Common European framework. I have taught students at the introductory level through to university level.

I am also working as an interpreter at a call center for Farmers Insurance.

I previously worked as an International Account Developer, handling orders and logistics for customers such as Nike and Fruit of the Loom.

Teaching Approach

My teaching method is focused on conversational fluency.

The communicative approach I use is based on the idea that learning a language successfully comes from having to communicate actual meaning using authentic material and being comfortable with speaking, reading ,writing and listening.

So please get in touch with me so that together we can personalize your learning plan to fit your needs.

Are you uncomfortable taking this first steps? Remember that making mistakes is part of any learning process. So if you are ready to learn English or Spanish, let´s get started!

Try my free trial lesson, I am offering loyalty discounts for completing multiple sessions with me.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
06 Oct 2017
By : stayci
Subject : English 
very good I like your class thank you teacher
22 Jan 2017
By : nenedylan
Subject : English 
Great class , Thank you teacher , you where very patience and engaging.
17 Mar 2016
By : goodboy
Subject : English 
Great class I did enjoy it , very friendly and patience , you are and excellent teacher, Thanks Antonio
15 Aug 2015
By : Karatekid
Subject : English 
I t was a great experience to practice English with Antonio, he is so friendly I was talking and he was correcting me when necessary , I was concern because of the other feedbacks but he explain to me that his email were going to his spam folder.

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