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Hello, my name is Egle Egle and I'm 33 years old and currently living in Lithuania. I am a native Lithuanian speaker and teach Lithuanian. I have been an online Lithuanian teacher with since May 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: Lithuanian, English, French, Russian, Spanish.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello dear students! Sveiki mieli studentai!

For five years I have been working as a professional Lithuanian teacher. I am deep in love with this one of the oldest and the most beautiful languages. Meanwhile, I love using and learning other languages, which helps me as well to understand better the situation of my students.

After I finished Lithuanian languages studies I felt that language is much more than theory alone, and so I decided to enter the world of Applied Linguistics and obtained a Masters degree.

My Lithuanian language course for foreigners is one of the biggest passions I have now. I invite You to allow me to show You, that learning Lithuanian is fun, possible and very enriching!

Feel free to contact me for help, if You decide to study alone.

Iki! :)

Qualifications & Experience

Bachelor of Lithuanian philology degree.

Master of Applied Linguistics degree.

- 2 years of Lithuanian teaching as L1 (C2)

- 3 years of Lithuanian teaching as L2 (A1-C1)

- 1,5 year of teaching English as L2 (B1-B2)

- 8 months of teaching French as L2 (A1-A2)

In total 5 years of various language teaching experience.

Experience in preparing students for exams (any national official exam in Lithuania)

Teaching Approach

Our lessons will be structured as follows: 70-10-20.

70% of time we talk, 10% we spend on grammar, 20% you work personally.

- I believe we learn through talking, not through silent grammar (except if you demand this);

- I invite my students to act, to imagine, to sing, to draw... and laugh a lot;

- in the very first week we will switch to Lithuanian alone (yes it is fun and possible);

- I will offer you to choose a note book or a "Lesson Sheet" based method;

- I will present You Lithuanian and Baltic culture, as my second passion is professional guiding.

Few tips of mine:

- start speaking and learning right now, dabar!

- make a fun out of language learning!

- using the language from the very beginning is your own responsibility

- set up your goals: what do you want to achieve and when exactly?

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
01 Oct 2014
By : TomNoir
Subject : Lithuanian 
I learn Lithuanian to make my stays in Vilnius easier! Learning with Egle is quite enjoyable. She gives a structured lesson but is always open for a laugh! Also, she always tries different approaches to make learning more easier. Recommendation!!

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