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Ruth Sheffer
Subject : Hebrew
Native : English
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Hello, my name is Ruth Sheffer and I'm 61 years old and currently living in Israel. I am a native English speaker and teach English, Hebrew. I have taught online with since August 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, Chinese Mandarin, French, Hebrew, Spanish.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am a highly qualified and experienced English teacher. I am from London and I have been teaching English to foreign students for 30 years.

I taught in High school and in University and also Online.I love to connect to new people and to use their curiosity to help them to learn.

I have just taught at University in China for 3 years and enjoyed it very much.

I have worked for English Cafe, LanguageSpirit,Intel and the Open University

Qualifications & Experience

BA French and Spanish

MA Literature

Teaching Certificate in EFL

30 years Experience teaching at High school level

3 years at University in China

Many courses at Open University, and teachers' training college. Online work with Language Spirit and English Cafe.

Teaching Approach

Find out what the student needs.

Evaluate what are the student's strengths and weaknesses.

Use songs, interesting articles to encourage the student who is shy.

Make the student feel confident and able.

Detailed Profile in Hebrew

About me

אני עליתי לארץ בשנת 1980 ואני לימדתי אנגלית בבית ספר 30 שנה. גם לימדתי אנגלית למבוגרים באינטל ,באוניברסיטה העברית ואוניברסיטה הפתוחה. אני התחלתי ללמד גם עברית ומאוד אוהבת את השפה הזו. אני מלמדת בעיקר אנגלית מדוברת וקריאה וכתיבה למתחילים.

Qualifications & Experience

מלמדת במספר שיטות לפי דרעשת התלמיד בעזרת שיחות דיאלוגים פשוטים, שירים ועוד.

Teaching Approach

תמיד צריך להתאים את השיטה לצרכי התלמיד. יש תלמידים האוהבים הסברים דיקדוקיים ויש כאלה שרוצים רק לשוחח.

Detailed Profile in French

About me

Je suis prof d'anglais avec beaucoup d'experience.

Je suis nee a Londres mai j'enseigne l'anglais a l'etranger depuis 30 ans.

Je sais enseigner toutes ages et toutes nivaux d'etudiants des le debut et je sais le faire tres bien.

Mes etudiants toujours font de bon progres et vite!

J'ai vecu en France depuis beaucoup de temps mais je peux parler encore le francais.

Qualifications & Experience

Maitrise en Literature

Certificat de prof ESL L'anglais comme langue etrangere

Teaching Approach

Il faut toujours savoir le besoin de l'etudiant et aussi savoir comment lui aider.

Je sais trouver la probleme de l'etudiant vite pour mieux lui aider.

J'aime utliser les filmes et les chansons mais aussi les textes interessants pour aider l'etudiant a reussir.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
08 Feb 2018
By : davidissokson
Subject : Hebrew 
I spent many years trying to learn Hebrew and made little progress. I met Ruth last year and she's been a huge help, especially for my trip. Her explanations are excellent and she's a wonderful teacher all around. Highly recommended! Thanks, Ruth!
12 Nov 2017
By : gleb
Subject : Hebrew 
טוב מאוד
05 Nov 2017
By : gleb
Subject : Hebrew 
טוב ויפה , ומעניין!
18 Oct 2015
By : ksobieski
Subject : Hebrew 
Today we had a lesson about cultural makes the language learning even more inspiring...תודה

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