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Hello, my name is Stella Papastamati and I'm 36 years old and currently living in Greece. I am a native Greek speaker and teach Ancient Greek, Greek. I have been an online Greek teacher with since September 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: Greek, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hi! I am Stella, I am Greek and I am a UK-trained, highly skilled and qualified Greek teacher with 10 years of experience (UK, Greece)

After my undergraduate studies in Thessaloniki, I moved to London for my master's and doctoral studies. Since 2008 I have been teaching Ancient and Modern Greek, and Latin to adults and children both face-to-face and online. I have also worked as a teacher at a private Junior High School in Greece teaching Ancient and Modern Greek Language and Literature.

I love teaching very much and most of my time is devoted to it. In my free time I enjoy cooking, playing the piano, reading Greek and English literature and watching English high quality TV series. I am also a passionate fan of Classical Music.I learned German and French to an intermediate level some years ago. I am currently learning Italian and I am absolutely fascinated by this wonderful language!

Qualifications & Experience

I have a very strong academic background in Greek Language and Literature, and I hold degrees both from Greece and the United Kingdom: a BA in Greek Language and Literature and Classics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), an MA in Classics (King's College - University of London), and finally a PhD in Classics (University College London). This background enables me to reduce memorisation, since I employ it whenever the learner needs it to give him/her a solid and thorough understanding of Greek Language.

Moreover, I have solid teaching experience both in the United Kingdom and Greece, as I have professionally taught (Modern and Ancient) Greek at various levels, mostly to English speakers (but also to native Greeks). In particular, I taught Ancient Greek Language and Literature in London for four years (University College London, London Summer School in Classics). I also worked as a teacher of Modern Greek for young British native speakers (Cyprus Educational Mission, London). After I moved back to my homeland, I have been teaching Ancient and Modern Greek, and Latin to adults and children, both face-to-face and online. Teaching at a private Junior High School for two years was a substantial part of my teaching experience, but I have now decided to return to online teaching for good.

Teaching Approach

If you are interested in learning Ancient or Modern Greek, or Latin, I will be a great tutor for you for five important reasons:

1) As a result of my solid academic background, I have a thorough knowledge and deep insight into Greek, which enables me to help you gain a nuanced understanding of Greek and reduce memorization, thus facilitating your learning experience.

2) Because of my rich and diverse teaching experience, I have developed my own teaching techniques, which can help you learn faster and more efficiently.

3) My teaching approach is communicative in Modern Greek and communication-, grammar- and text- based in Ancient Greek and Latin. So, in Modern Greek I always make new vocabulary and grammatical phenomena relevant to your communication needs, and in Ancient Greek and Latin I employ elements of communicative teaching of languages to make your learning more efficient and enjoyable.

4) I always introduce information on Greek history and culture to my lesson so that you can acquire a deep insight into the culture that changed the world and created Western civilisation and make learning fun.

5) I am a flexible tutor who cares for her students. Even when I plan the lesson, I adjust it to your wishes, needs and desires, and, naturally, to your learner's profile.

If you would like to learn more, you are welcome to book a free trial lesson on Verbal Planet.

Looking forward to meeting you online!

My last class was :
27 Aug 2019
By : khalidjaafar
Subject : Greek 
Stella command of Ancient Greek grammar is astounding. I cannot find a better teacher.
26 Aug 2019
By : khalidjaafar
Subject : Greek 
Now reading the second chapter of Reading Greek.
20 Aug 2019
By : khalidjaafar
Subject : Greek 
A very interesting class.
19 Aug 2019
By : khalidjaafar
Subject : Greek 
Very interesting class. I learn so much grammar.

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