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Alexander Hergert
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  Hello, my name is Alexander Hergert and I'm 39 years old and currently living in Germany. I am a native German speaker and teach German. I have been an online German teacher with Verbalplanet since October 2014. I can speak the following languages fluently: German, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
Latest Reviews
09 Sep 2022
 Herr Hergert ist eine sehr gute lehrer. Er ist sehr hilfreich, positive, nett und einfühlsam. Ich empfehle den Unterricht bei ihm.  
17 Jul 2021
 I really enjoy our discussion. I was a bit nervous, but enjoyed the session. I felt Alex spoke to me on my level and never had me feel incompetent. This was hard to do especially searching for the words, but with Alex's help it went well. I enjoyed it.  
13 Jul 2021
Jen J
 I feel like I'm learning so much and I'm looking forward to learning more! 
06 Jul 2021
Jen J
 It's always a pleasure to meet with Alex for our tutoring sessions and I really enjoy the way he explains German to me, conjugation has been super interesting and I'm looking forward to learning more! 
22 Jun 2021
Jen J
 The sessions with Alex are super helpful and I'm learning so much about conjugation! 
15 Jun 2021
Jen J
 My first lesson was so much fun and I learned so much in the 45 minutes and had many questions answered. I'm really looking forward to continuing on with Alex and learning more. He has a great teaching style and I really enjoyed my time learning from him. 
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About me - English

I am 37 years old and have been working as a language teacher for 13 years. I teach private and group classes with large companies.

Qualifications & Experience

I have been tutoring students in German for over 18 years and 15 years ago I decided to turn my passion into a profession.

Teaching Approach

I offer a free trial lesson where we find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. From there, we (I) develop a curriculum which will gradually improve your German skills.

I prepare a summary for each topic and exercises.

Feel free to contact me with your homework questions or any issues you may have with the German language so that I can help you solve them as soon as possible.

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About me - German

Ich bin 34 Jahre alt und arbeite seit 9 Jahren als Sprachlehrer. Meistens habe Einzel- oder Gruppenkurse bei grossen Firmen.

Qualifications & Experience

Seit über 12 Jahren gebe ich Nachhilfe in Deutsch. Vor 9 Jahren entschloss ich mich meine Passion zum Beruf zu machen.

Teaching Approach

In der kostenlosen Probestunde werden wir gemeinsam herausfinden, wo deine Stärken und Schwächen sind. Wir erarbeiten einen Lehrplan und werden Schritt für Schritt deine Deutschkenntnisse verbessern.

Ich werde zu jedem Thema eine Übersicht und einen Übungsteil vorbereiten.

Falls du bei deinen Hausaufgaben Fragen oder Probleme hast, darfst du mich gerne kontaktieren, so dass dieses Anliegen schnellstmöglich gelöst wird.

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