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  Hello, my name is Jin Park and I'm 39 years old and currently living in the United States. I am a native Korean speaker and teach English, Korean. I have been an online Korean teacher with Verbalplanet since March 2015. I can speak the following languages fluently: Korean, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
Latest Reviews
08 May 2021
Risa K
 Thank you for identifying the point to be improved. I'll try to make longer and natural sentences. 
27 Oct 2020
 Just finished my 11 year old's lesson #10 and 14 year old's lesson #11. Ms. Park has never failed to deliver a fun, interesting, customized lesson for my kids, incorporating lots of useful vocabularies, grammar lessons, conversation practices and games. Even though my kids aren't always good about practicing what they learned between classes, I can see that they are definitely improving and feeling much more confident about Korean. We all feel so lucky to have found Ms. Park and hope to continue her lessons for a long time.  
01 Sep 2020
 Just completed my daughter's lesson #2 and my son has his lesson #4 coming up later this week. Organized, well-prepared with perfect amount of structure, positive and adaptive to each student's needs and interests, Ms. Park is a really great Korean teacher. Highly recommended.  
25 Aug 2020
 Fun, engaging lesson for my 11 year old (total beginner). Thank you!  
12 Aug 2020
 My son loved his first lesson. She was kind, engaging and well organized. Looking forward to future lessons!  
02 May 2020
Cheung Y
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About me - English

Hello, 여러분 안녕하세요! ^-^/ I am back! I am a Korean teacher 'Jin Ah'. You can call me JinAh-sam진아샘 or 진아선생님,). *Teacher in Korean is 선생님(Seon/Seang/Nim) or 샘sam* I am a native Korean and I live in Seoul Korea since I was born.

I can make you think learning Korean is very attractive and fun when you study with me. Even if it is hard for non-native Korean to speak in Korean, I give the students lots of tips so that they can make their accent and intonation much better.

Language cannot be obtained at once, but I can help you improve your Korean skills. I give students a level test and a preference survey before they start the first lesson. I will help you improve your Korean skills!!

I have a doctoral degree minoring in pedagogy. I've been teaching Korean for over ten years at all levels and all ages including young kids (from 3 years old), teenage students, college students, and business people.

I also have a Korean language studio in my local area and teaching at a college now. If you are one or several of those listed below, don't hesitate to contact me. ,)

***[I have GROUP SESSIONS for many groups: it’s free for the students in my studio. It takes 25-30min for playing games and chatting in Korean. You can get more opportunities to speak in Korean as well]***

*If you are a very beginner: I am an expert to teach Korean at all ages and all level

*If you want to

- have a daily conversation (for 10min,20min,30min)

- have a group lesson

- learn grammar through the conversation

- practice a conversation while learning new expressions.

- have a fun lesson

- learn K pop songs

- know about Korean culture more

- have a plan to trip to Korea (I can let you know some tips and hot places!)

- improve your essay skill.

- take the TOPIK test (Korean Proficiency test level I & II), I can share lots of materials with you and you don't need to buy some of the textbooks.

I have a 90% off the trial lesson that you can start with if you are the first user on the verbal planet website. (You have only one-time payment through the verbal website for a trial lesson) If there are no available spots, please let me know:) I will try to make it! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

(Regular payment: For your regular lessons, you pay on the website to book, and I will send the invoice to your email account. Then you need to send the rest of the payment to my PayPal account by the due date.

The lesson can be canceled 24 hours before starting the lesson unless you pay me.

Qualifications & Experience

* 2005- English group/ private teaching

* 2011- Korean teaching experiences - group and private lessons at my studio

* 2015- Korean instructor at Hangle Korean school

* 2015- Online teacher for individual and group teaching

* 2017- Korean Instructor at a Community College

Focus on

-Free conversation based on expressions

-Conversation while learning grammar

-Dictation/ audio file

-TOPIK I&II (short term/long term)

-K pop, K drama, and Korean culture

-From the beginner to advanced level

*Doctoral degree

*Pedagogy minor (Education)

Teaching Approach

Before starting the lesson, I give the students the Korean level test and a survey. After those process, I can prepare for your first lesson effectively. (I don't want to spend your valuable time and money)

I respect your decision and you can choose what you want for your lessons-!

I have these options that you can look at it.

1. You can use Jin's material with audio file[ by Jin Ah 샘]

2. You can use a textbook what you choose

3. We can play the game and watch some dramas while learning Korean [ by Jin Ah 샘]

4. You can study TOPIK(Korean proficiency test) materials (I can share my materials)

5. Free conversations : I have a daily conversation option

You can also buy my textbook with audio files

Yeah~~ Let's make exciting lessons together! :)

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