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 Hello, my name is Ágnes Borbély and I'm an experienced native Hungarian tutor currently living in the United Kingdom. I have been giving Hungarian lessons online with Verbalplanet since 2015. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
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tutor Salla K
 Thank You Ági, again for a great lesson! Titus really enjoys the lessons and seems more confident speaking hungarian after each lesson. We highly recommend Your lessons to all hungarian learners!! 
tutor Salla K
 Super! Titus enjoys the lessons very much!  
tutor Salla K
 Thank You! My son really enjoys the lessons and we have seen a remarkable change in his courage to speak Hungarian language! 
tutor Salla K
 Since my son started taking Hungarian lessons with Ági, I have noticed a remarkable transformation in him. As a naturally shy and introverted young man, he has always found it challenging to open up and communicate, especially in a language that was relatively unfamiliar to him. However, Ági´s dedication, patience, and teaching style have worked wonders. Thank You! 
tutor Gavin-D
United Kingdom
 First class was really good, Ági took time to understand my objectives and my learning preferences -such as how much grammar theory I wanted. She was patient helping me begin to grasp pronunciation and answer questions. Enjoyable and helpful. 
tutor Kenneth N
United States
 Great first lesson . Koszonom szepen! I will be in touch for another lesson 
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About me - English


My name is Ágnes and I live and work in the UK. I am an enthusiastic teacher, helping people to speak my own language gives me a lot of joy.

Qualifications & Experience

I've been teaching Hungarian online since early 2014. I have also experience in translating English to Hungarian and vice-versa.

Although I have a great passion for languages, in my professional development I took a different path at first. I have an engineering diploma. I only started teaching at first to help my sister, who is a linguist and needed some back up when she had too many students. The initial “taster” made me realise how much I enjoy teaching and that I am actually good at it…so I carried on. Since then I have come across to many different people with many different needs, I've even been teaching people with learning difficulties as well.

Teaching Approach

Every student is different and needs a different approach. Although the main core of my teaching is built on the same foundation of Hungarian grammar, every person gets a different service that suits them the most. I want to make every lesson interesting and fun for you and build it around the topics that interests you the most. Whether you want to just practice pronunciation or prepare for an interview and learn specific vocabulary, I am here for you. Do you need structured lessons? Or you want to take control and just need someone to answer all the questions you have and let you roll freely? I will be flexible, whatever your needs are. Some learn fast, some go slow and need more patience and more explaining. There are students who are not willing to do any homework at all and also those who are eager to do lots of extra writing. Either way I will support you on your journey accordingly. I am patient and able to approach a certain topic from different angles to achieve a good result.

I speak in Hungarian as much as possible even with beginners, but only to the extent that it is not frustrating. At the end of the day you pay me to teach you, not to annoy you ,) After a certain level, all new words will be explained in Hungarian.

You don't need to buy any books as I will provide everything for you. You will receive the files or links to videos before our lesson. If you are prepared to do homework, I will correct it for you in my own time and we will start the next lesson by discussing any mistakes you might have made.

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