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Zoe Alexopoulou
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  Hello, my name is Zoe Alexopoulou and I'm 30 years old and currently living in Greece. I am a native Greek speaker and teach Greek. I have been an online Greek teacher with Verbalplanet since January 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: Greek, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
My Latest Feedback
10 Aug 2020
 Zoe is a very talented teacher with great communicative skills! I really enjoyed the lesson today and especially our discussion about the Greek culture and history. Thanks Zoe! 
05 Aug 2020
 Zoe is a gifted, professional teacher with deep knowledge of the Greek language. She ensures a friendly learning environment and makes you feel safe and confident. Highly recommended! 
14 Apr 2019
 More speaking practice plus learning new vocabulary and grammar. All very useful and as usual, Zoe has been great at explaining new things (grammar constructions and vocabulary too).  
07 Apr 2019
 We had a very useful lesson focusing on speaking, reading and new vocabulary. I am enjoying the opportunity to practise with Zoe on a regular weekly basis and find that she is explaining new vocabulary and grammar concepts really clearly. 
31 Mar 2019
 Discussed homework and worked on handouts. More speaking and reading practice plus grammar, which is exactly what I need. I am learning new grammar concepts and expressions, and finding it so useful to have things explained very clearly on a one-to-one basis. 
24 Mar 2019
 Lots of speaking practice which is always very useful for me. Learning new vocabulary and grammar with Zoe's helpful guidance. 
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About me - English

Hello everyone!

I am Zoe and I am 26 years old. I am a linguist by profession and a Greek Language teacher by passion. Language acquisition is a fascinating experience and I adore being part of it! I offer online lessons, as well as Greek language & culture lessons during holidays in Greece.

I love everything that brings me into contact with different cultural backgrounds: travelling, reading, listening to music, and of course teaching Greek!

Qualifications & Experience

I was always fond of languages, literature and teaching, so I decided to study at the School of Philosophy (Department of Philology and Linguistics) in Thessaloniki. I got my Bachelor's Degree in 2008 and I decided to combine my profession as a language tutor with further master education. In 2014 I visited the University of Reading as an Erasmus student and I had the chance to teach Greek to British adults. I am currently working on my research concerning second language acquisition and innovative language teaching techniques.

I have worked as a teacher in Greek public schools, teaching Greek to bilingual children who acquired Greek as their second language. I have also contributed to the writing of Greek language textbooks in collaboration with an academic research group. I have been teaching Greek as a second/foreign language to foreigners in an immigrant center in Thessaloniki since 2009.

I am currently working with refugees who acquire Greek as their second language.

Teaching Approach

Tutoring is equivalent to communication and in order for teaching to be effective, it must also make learning a truly interesting and enjoyable experience. My lessons focus on the special needs and interests of my students. The activities, the subjects and the texts of the lessons can be a common decision.

Grammar learning is a headache for many Greek language students. I provide you with meaningful grammar exercises, coming from my personal material that is based on innovative grammar teaching techniques, suitable for every learning type.

If you are interested in getting acquainted with the Greek cultural and historical background, this lesson is suitable for you. Greek movies, literature and music are an integral part of my lesson.

Is it still all Greek to you?

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