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  Hello, my name is Lenny Manlay and I'm 41 years old and currently living in the United Kingdom. I am a native French speaker and teach English, French, Italian. I have been an online Italian teacher with Verbalplanet since February 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: French, English, Italian. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students. 
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About me - English

I was born in Bordeaux, France in 1979.

I have lived in England since 1999. I am fully bilingual (French/English) and fluent in Italian.

I have been teaching French, Italian and English for over 15 years at many levels for a variety of students and clients.

No matter what your requirements, I can help you.

Qualifications & Experience

MA in French literary translation.

BA French, Italian and English.

Teaching certificate.

I was a French Recognised Teacher at Exeter University & at Plymouth College, UK. I was teaching oral and written French to undergraduate students and pupils. I delivered lessons in the classroom and I was involved in lesson planning and exams preparation.

I have been teaching French, Italian and English for over 15 years online and face to face.

Teaching Approach

The approach I am encouraging is natural and straightforward, referring to known concepts and establishing parallels with already studied notions. I spend a lot of time finding ideas and creative ways to present difficult concepts as simply and as naturally as possible.

I like to develop in my classes a certain complicity with my students, which has the effect of inviting students to excel, to always aim higher and to give the best of themselves. I have great educational preoccupations; the achievements and the successes of my students are very important to me, but not at any price. A tutor has a key role to play in training students and my main aim is to provide the best possible training to all my students. I think there is nothing more beautiful and nobler than sharing one’s knowledge with one’s students.

I strive to promote cultural awareness and appreciation. I was born a learner, and life has taught me how to teach. My teaching style and techniques are evolving daily as I learn through professional development, by studying my peers, and most importantly by listening to my students. Everyone learns differently and has varied requirements, the tutor therefore needs to adapt to his students and has to tailor-make lessons accordingly.

I always endeavour to captivate, motivate and encourage my students so they enjoy learning, as at a certain level, language studying is no longer a hobby but a commitment, which should not exclude the exciting learning element. When a teacher radiates and enjoys teaching, students do not have the choice but to be involved which helps increase their attention and makes them appreciate the language even more, generating retention and satisfaction on both sides of the desk.

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About me - French

Je suis français de Bordeaux, j’ai 40 ans.

J'ai 15 ans d'expérience dans l'enseignement.

Je travaille avec des adolescents, étudiants et adultes.

Qualifications & Experience

Maítrise de traduction (Francais-Anglais)

Licence (Francais-Anglais-Italien)

Enseignant certifié

J'ai enseigné à l'université, au lycée et en ligne.

Je possède plus de 15 ans d'expérience dans l'enseignement en face à face et en ligne.

Teaching Approach

Les cours en ligne permettent à l’élève de bénéficier d’un professeur disponible n’importe où.

L’interactivité avec l’élève s’en trouve renforcée avec l’utilisation d’internet.

Correction immédiate par écrit, vidéo, textes et images...

Je m’adapte aux besoins de l'élève, que ce soit pour améliorer son oral, son écrit, préparer un examen ou un entretien d'embauche. Je donne la priorité à la conversation pour permettre à l’élève de se « débloquer » et de prendre du plaisir à parler la langue. Je note le vocabulaire et la grammaire qui manquent à l’élève pour s’exprimer dans un document partagé avec l’élève.

L’apprentissage d’une langue étrangère passe, à mon avis, avant tout par la curiosité culturelle. On a envie d’apprendre une langue car on veut vivre dans le pays, y voyager ou le connaître davantage. On se sent attiré. C’est la culture qui nous motive dans notre apprentissage: musique, film, texte, littérature. L’apprentissage ne se limite pas uniquement à apprendre une liste de vocabulaire et des leçons de grammaire comme cela s'enseigne trop souvent à l'école. Pratiquer à travers la conversation, les livres, la musique, les films est une bonne approche.

J’adapte le travail personnel de l’élève en fonction de son temps disponible et son objectif (conversation, échéance d’un examen, voyage programmé…).

Je suis à votre disposition pour toute information complémentaire.

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About me - Italian

Sono di Bordeaux. Ho 40 anni.

Insegno le lingue straniere da 15 anni.

Nonostante il tuo livello, posso aiutarti.

Qualifications & Experience

Master in traduzione (Francese-Inglese)

Laurea (Francese-Inglese-Italiano)

Abilitazione all' insegnamento

Ho insegnato online, faccia a faccia, all' università e al liceo. Sono un tutore di lingue da 15 anni.

Teaching Approach

Adoro trasmettere la mia lingua a persone che hanno la stessa passione.

Le lezioni possono adattarsi flessibilmente alle tue necessità. Puoi scegliere un corso molto intensivo oppure procedere ad un ritmo più rilassato. Ci concentreremo sulle quattro macroabilità linguistiche (ascoltare, parlare, leggere, scrivere). Se hai delle esigenze particolari, chiedi pure e farò il possibile per aiutarti a raggiungere il tuo obiettivo! Il materiale didattico ti sarà fornito con le lezioni.

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