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Hello, my name is Elizabeth Tornillo and I'm 41 years old and currently living in Chile. I am a native Spanish speaker and teach Spanish. I have been an online Spanish teacher with since May 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: Spanish, English.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hi! I consider myself as a kind person, who is in love with tutoring, helping people to improve and feel confident. For me, tutoring is not only about teaching a new language, but also introducing students into a new world, an open window. This is the richness of Spanish I love to share with students, our different cultures in spite of speaking the same language. It's also very refreshing to meet new people. In my free time, I love spending time at home, just reading, watching TV, or walking, of course I also enjoy going out from time to time. In general, I'm interested in different topics as languages, history, cultures, and healthy life.

Qualifications & Experience

I received my certification to tutor Spanish as a second language in 2012. After this, I began working in private lessons in my city, but last year I decided to tutor Spanish by Skype, which I have found it very helpful and easy to use. Lessons can be explained in English, my students understand well my explanations and feel comfortable.

For beginners, lessons will be given in English and switched to Spanish as the student advances in knowledge of the language.


Teaching Approach

Most of the students ask for general Spanish, this is the first part when you learn a language. It gives you the basic tools if you want to continue learning. As for beginners, we can work on pronunciation, word stress, written accents, spelling, greetings, verb conjugation, basic vocabulary, such as numbers, the house, colours, food, to make descriptions, the phone, phrases, more verb tenses, and so forth. We will also talk about tourism, school, different culture topics about South America and Spain.

We cannot forget that in order to improve our communication skills, we need to be able to hold a conversation in daily life, so we'll also focus on the practice of dialogues about any aspect of our lives as well as discussing topics about news, the world, etc. Certainly Skype will help you develop your conversational skills. As for business Spanish, I can design a class according to the needs of the student, for instance, we could work topics related to banking, finance, foreign trade, tourism, economics, business, and politics.

I also have a degree in International Trade and worked for around 5 years in the credit risk department of a bank.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
21 Jul 2018
By : andy67
Subject : Spanish 
learning the grammar perfectly
16 Jun 2018
By : EleniA
Subject : Spanish 
Elizabeth is a wonderful tutor! I enjoyed the lesson with her and she was quite informative and helpful even though I didn't know a word in Spanish . She also has an amazing accent in Spanish which makes the lesson more tempting . Muchas gracias!!
21 Apr 2018
By : Yasmin74
Subject : Spanish 
Excellent Class!
04 Mar 2018
By : Aoifeobyrne
Subject : Spanish 
Great lesson, helping me improve my spoken spanish alot!

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