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  Hello, my name is Tony Fotheringham and I'm 59 years old and currently living in France. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with Verbalplanet since October 2016. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
About me - English

I am English native living in Paris France. My interests are songwriting and playing the guitar. If you want to practice speaking , improve your listening or even learn how to think in my language feel free to give me a call.

Qualifications & Experience

Qualifications & Experience

I have a degree in English and 25 years experience teaching English as a foreign language, and 58 years practice. I have taught English in Brussels including the Commission and the European Parliament. NATO and Various banks and companies, also in Spain and France.

I am amply qualified to tutor students who will be working cross-culturally in a professional setting. Specialising in rapid learning mnemotecnic methods

Teaching Approach

I have worked with students from all over the world, with many levels and from many backgrounds. I can understand their needs and tailor my teaching method for each individual to make it as easy and fun as possible. To help you` think` in English, and strive to be more confident.

I love teaching English. Helping students discover my language is quite satisfying.

My lessons are challenging yet a lot of fun. I design customized classes for each student. I look for specific weaknesses students have yet are perhaps not aware of. Working with so many different nationalities has allowed me to understand and correct many simple mistakes that are found along the path of learning.

I particularly enjoy helping students who ask me to help them improve their presentation skills. And of course if it’s songwriting or poetic then even better.

The sky`s the limit.

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