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Hello, my name is Jean Dineka and I'm 25 years old and currently living in Netherlands. I am a native Dutch speaker and teach Dutch. I have been an online Dutch teacher with since October 2016. I can speak the following languages fluently: Dutch, English, German. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hi everyone, how's it going? (Hallo allemaal, hoe gaat het?) Welcome to the language course IKNS (Iedereen kan Nederlands spreken). My name is Jean, I'm 23 years old and I was born and raised in Rotterdam, the second largest city of the Netherlands. I have recently started giving Dutch classes in Dutch and English via Skype. I like to be occupied with foreign languages and meet new people from different corners of the world, but what I do like the most, is to enthuse people of all ages for the Dutch language and culture and to prepare people for their stay in the Netherlands, Flanders (the northern part of Belgium) and Suriname. Furthermore, I find incredibly exciting to be closely involved in the progress of their language study and I consider it as a major challenge to come up with new ways to speed up the learning process, because each student has their own learning style and opinion on what he or she finds import. In daily life, I work as a volunteer language teacher, language coach and class assistant at various educational institutions in Rotterdam and I have helped a lot of people from various religious and cultural backgrounds with their Dutch.

I am really eager to go with you to work!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or check my teacher profile for more information.

I'm really looking forward to meet you!

Hope to see you soon!

Qualifications & Experience


Online Dutch community tutor for foreigners

I'm a online Dutch community tutor for foreigners. I offer Dutch lessons to complete beginners, beginners, intermediates, upper-intermediates and advanced learners.

Taalcafé Library Delfshaven, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Function: Language coach and Dutch teacher (on a voluntary basis)

I offer Dutch classes and mainly conversational practice to complete beginners, beginners and intermediates in the Language Café in the library Delfshaven in Rotterdam. The residents of Rotterdam (De Rotterdammers) come here to improve their oral and written fluency in Dutch. My colleagues and I refer them also to other appropriate language education programs in the region.

Tornante Trainingen

Function: Language coach and class assistant of a certified teacher (on a voluntary basis)

Tornante Trainingen is an educational institution that specialises in Dutch language programmes and civic integration programmes for both private individuals and employers. Tornante Trainingen also offers language programmes for expats.

I'm currently studying to become a German teacher at the Hogeschool Inholland Amstelveen, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands.)

Teaching Approach

Welcome to the language course IKNS, which stands for ''Iedereen kan Nederlands spreken'' (Anyone Can Speak Dutch). If you're interested in the Dutch language and culture and planning to learn the Dutch language soon, then you've come to the right place! But also if you just started learning or have been learning for a quite long time, you're more than welcome!

As a teacher, I attach enormous importance to your interests and personal progress. I will actively observe your comprehension and act accordingly. I'm a teacher who also types while speaking so that you get to practice listening and reading. Furthermore, I'd like to create a relaxed and interactive learning environment, where you can feel at ease, fully focus on your Dutch study and don't be afraid to make mistakes. I offer EHBH, which stands for Eerste Hulp Bij Huiswerk (Homework Support) and ITT Intensieve Taaltraining (Intensive Language Training). The training is aimed at people who want to be challenged and more exposed to the language. I also offer extra support with the development of your Dutch speaking skills . This language course is for all levels: complete beginners (A0). beginners (A1), lichtgevorderden (A2), halfgevorderden (B1), gevorderden (B2), meergevorderden (B2-C1) , vergevorderden C1) en zeer vergevorderden (C2). The language course IKNS will be tailored in consultation and is for all ages. For orientation, I also offer a trial lesson . It consists of three parts. An introductory meeting, in which I try to get an idea of what your learning goals, needs, learning style, expectations, existing knowledge and experiences are. Furthermore you'll receive further information about the possibilities. An assessment, so that we can determine your starting level. And finally the lesson. I'm really looking forward to meet you soon! Greetings from Rotterdam! Héél veel succes met je Nederlandse taalstudie!

Here are some testimonials from my previous or current students so that you get an impression about the classes and my teaching style.


Oct 05, 2016 ''We spoke about my activities and do some exercises that I enjoyed.''

Oct 02, 2016 ''I've learnt how to write sentences grammatically. We focused on speaking and I learn some vocabulary''

Sep 21, 2016 ''Great lesson. Teacher that is very concerned about the need of the student.''

James Davis-Ford:

Oct 05, 2016 ''Very organised and well-conceived lesson. I appreciate Jean's flexibility in devising homework that will be useful to the student.''

Sep 02, 2016 ''Today's lesson was really productive. Jean helped to clarify basic sentence structure and a few other salient features of present tense verbs,

especially with separable prefix verbs that I had mixed up a bit. Dank je wel, Jean. Tot de volgende keer.''

Aug 25, 2016 ''Fun intro lesson with Jean.... We worked on vowel sounds, diphthongs, a few vocabulary words and had a fun conversation about languages.

Thanks, Jean!''

Holly Flickinger:

Oct 01, 2016 ''Jean is heel behelpzaam met Nederlands leren. :) Dankjewel!''

Aug 24, 2016 ''Jean is een heel goed leraar! Hij is vriendlijk en slim! :) Dankjewel!


Sep 16, 2016 ''Jean is a very good teacher. He can correct your mistakes timely and provide suggestions. Very useful!''

John Koekebakker:

Sep 18, 2016 ''Jean helped me with some daily vocabulary and exchanging a few laughs! Thank you for the class!''

Sep 01, 2016 ''It was a great class and I hope to take more! Dank je wel!''


Sep 18, 2016 ''Jean is easy to talk to. We had a good conversation and I learned some new words and idioms.''

Aug 25, 2016 ''Jean is patient, well-prepared and easy to understand. We had a good conversation in Dutch and I learned several new words and colloquial phrases.''


Sep 18, 2016 ''Jean is een fantastisch leraar! Hij spreekt Nederlands de hele tijd en dus spreek ik ook meer en meer. Dank je, en tot de volgende keer! :)''

Sep 09, 2016 ''Jean is a good teacher, he made me speak a lot which is my soft-spot. He also provided me with some exercises that I can do between two lessons.

Dankje wel, en de mazzel! :)''

Flora Kofler:

Sep 14, 2016 ''It was a really nice first lesson with Sean. We talked a lot about dialects and linguistics, it was really interresting!''


Sep 11, 2016 ''Jean was a great teacher! I liked how he was extremely open as well as innovative (I found the spelling/hearing test really unique and useful). Dankjewel!''

Bjorn Brown:

Sep 09, 2016 ''The lesson was great. I had fun learning some basic verbs and their conjugations. Next time I hope we can cover more verbs and discuss syntax.''

Aug 31, 2016 ''I had a great first lesson with Jean. He's fun, helpful and encouraging. I learned so much!''

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