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  Hello, my name is KruBee Jularat and I'm 33 years old and currently living in the United Kingdom. I am a native Thai speaker and teach Thai. I have been an online Thai teacher with Verbalplanet since January 2018. I can speak the following languages fluently: Thai, English, Lao. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
Latest Reviews
05 May 2021
 As always, Krubee has given another excellent lesson and I have learned a lot of new things in the lesson. 
14 Apr 2021
 Always fun and helpful! 
24 Mar 2021
 Helpful and fun lesson - really enjoyed it! 
03 Mar 2021
 I really did enjoy my class today a lot! You are an excellent Thai language teacher. Thank you for the lesson! 
10 Feb 2021
 Thank you for your friendly and helpful teaching style. 
03 Feb 2021
 Thank you for the first lesson with Timothy. Your friendly style and conversational method are very good, especially using images to encourage speaking. (Please note that TImothy sometimes struggles to see smaller items on the screen). 
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About me - English

''Highly experienced with a teaching license''

Hello! I'm Bee. I'm patient, friendly, understanding, prepared and VERY flexible. I graduated from Mahasarakham University in 2013 and since then I've been teaching Thai in a language school. I teach all ages of Thai learners. I have experience teaching one on one classes and group classes for ED VISA or education visas for students. I teach step by step and use a variety of games and materials during the lessons.

We will work on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, phrases that Thais use in REAL life. We will also focus on conversation, listening and speaking. I’ll help you correct sentences and increase your vocabulary and improve your skills. My courses are designed to help you to be able to communicate with Thai people in REAL life, be able to understand the Thai language and Thai culture and encourage you to reach your OWN goal.

Qualifications & Experience

Education: Mahasarakham University 2008 - 2013

Bachelor's - English Education

Certificates: Teaching License from The Teachers' Council of Thailand - 2013

It is a 5 year curriculum to get a teaching license from The Teachers' Council of Thailand.

Work Experience:

2013 - 2014: Thai Teacher

The Britannia Language School, Chonburi Thailand

Being a full time Thai teacher truly helped me understand foreigners who are studying Thai. I have taught all ages of Thai learners. I have experience teaching one on one classes and group classes for ED VISA or education visas for students.

2016 - 2017: Thai Teacher

EASY ABC Language School, Chonburi Thailand

The more hours I teach the more experience I have and I have learned a lot from students too. I have learned how to encourage each student and I make lessons fun and easy to understand. One of my favorite students is 84 years old! He is a slow learner but he has finally learnt how to speak Thai and has retired happily in Thailand. I believe that those experiences that I have will help me teach on Verbalplanet professionally.

Teaching Approach

All levels are welcome! I always discuss with students' their learning goals and levels.

I use PPP Model (Presentation, Practice, Production) and B-SLIM: Bilash's Success-Guided Language Instructional Model. I teach step by step, introduce new vocabulary, new structures and practice using them, to develop self directed learners. I always ensure that every learner succeeds at each phase of the learning process. Theses models will help students develop all aspects of language ( pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, situations, culture, listening comprehension, speaking, writing, reading, motivation-attitude). Students will be able to transfer what they have learned in one familiar context to new contexts, be able to communicate with Thai people, express their feelings and share their opinions.

-Beginner Level

I am very patient and will help you to start from ''Zero''.

My courses are very flexible. We will focus on speaking and listening. I have different type of materials to help you learn Thai.

We can also mix speaking, listening, reading and writing together. We will discuss learning plans together.

-Intermediate Level

The course is designed for learners who have a basic knowledge of Thai. I’ll create a course for you that is tailored to your SPECIFIC needs.

Advanced Thai

The course is flexible to your SPECIFIC needs.

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