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Hello, my name is Michael Bloomfield and I'm 64 years old and currently living in New Zealand. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with since January 2018. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am a highly motivated individual who thrives on success no matter what I do in life. I certainly enjoy a challenge and going that extra mile to achieve perfection in whatever I am doing, as an example if a student is not doing very well and is not achieving the desired results I will go out of my way and help the student by offering some after class tutoring to help bring the student up to a level that he or she feel confident with.

I have a very positive can do attitude which certainly rubs off in a classroom situation where " I always encourage students that they can do it " and that makes the students more confident in what they are doing. I am a very passionate person who is dedicated to his work, and I have a lot of patience with my students which is very important in achieving success for them to learn English.

I am very reliable, professional and responsible person who can adapt to any given situation, everybody is different so I show respect to people, it doesn't matter what race or religion they are or how they were brought up. I am a very caring person and enjoy my teaching because I love what I do and I will always have a smile on my face when I am teaching and this certainly makes for a fun and happy class while still focusing on the main aim which is teaching English to my students.

Qualifications & Experience

2004 - Certificate of Completion - The EFL Essentials Course which enables me to teach English to speakers of other Languages.

2017 - New Zealand Certificate in Language Teaching ( Level 5 )

I have 2 years English teaching experience working in China in 2005 and 2006 where I taught at a private school - Holmes College

Those students were from the ages of 13 years to 18 years.

I have also been teaching International students individual one on one English lessons from 2007 which is ongoing.

I an currently employed by - Waikato Institute of Education as an English Teacher on a part-time basis from July 2017 - Present

The students I am teaching are mature age International students who live in New Zealand with their families. I am also teaching International students one on one English lessons which are arranged by Waikato Institute of Education.

Teaching Approach

I have a very professional and interesting teaching approach where by I speak very slowly and clearly so the students can easily understand me. My dedication to teaching is first class where I like to put my own flavor to lessons and make them more interesting. As an example I always like to play some sort of a game or warmer with my students at the beginning of the lesson, this makes the students feel more relaxed and the positive side to that is their learning will be achieved easier in a stress free relaxed environment.

I tend to focus on the "critical learning moments " for example rather than planning the entire lesson plan, before class decide on a number of specific key things you hope students will gain from the class such as being able to pronounce a set of new words, or being able to replay a difficult recording until they can understand the main message.

I will put my energy into planning on how my class will do skills work like reading, listening and speaking. In my teaching approach I will always list the main " teaching points " for the lesson. What do I expect the students to find difficult or important in the lesson? where will they make mistakes? what mistakes and problems are likely? I will also pay attention to this challenge.

It is also very important to draw sketch pictures of the lesson to the class if possible, this will give the students a better understanding of the lesson and can get them more involved and interested. I am a great believer that students learn more by doing things themselves rather than by being told about them. This suggests that it may be more useful for a learner to work with others in a role play situation which is suited to the lesson.


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