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  Hello, my name is Angela Zhu and I'm 27 years old and currently living in China. I am a native Chinese Mandarin speaker and teach Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin. I have been an online Chinese Cantonese teacher with Verbalplanet since January 2018. I can speak the following languages fluently: Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% off my normal lesson price for new students. 
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My Latest Feedback
11 Jun 2021
 Angela! Thank you for your fantastic sharing of Inner Mongolia with its beauty and rich and different culture. So fascinating to see the diversity in China. I look forward to our next language lesson together and to being able to pronounce your beautiful Cantonese sounds more fully and cleanly. I appreciate you very much. you are are great! Do ze, lou si. 
02 Jun 2021
 Thank you so much Angela, I really feel like I am starting to get the hang of pronunciation and remembering words better. So cool! it is always so interesting to talk with you about your culture and to understand your language and its grammar better. 
24 May 2021
 Unfortunately, I missed our lesson! I so look forward to seeing you Angela next time! Till then. 
17 May 2021
 Thank you Angela, for showing me this beautiful city and all the great food! I look forward to our next language session. Of course, culture is always such a beautiful treat! I find the way the old Chinese architecture and the new architecture is so fascinating. 
10 May 2021
 Thank you for this great lesson and helping me to make my sentences, Angela. I so enjoy making my Cantonese sounds, it is rolling easier off my tongue now. I look forward to our next visit! you are so fun to be with! 
26 Apr 2021
 Angela, you are the best teacher ever! Thank you so much for our cultural lesson today! I so enjoy seeing the diversity in your culture and the historic richness. I look forward to our language lesson next time. Can't wait! 
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About me - English

About me👩‍🏫

☀️3 years teaching experience as a full-time Chinese teacher in an international school: 2 years experience in teaching Nursery1 to Kindergarten2 and Primary 6 students, 1-year experience in teaching Secondary 1 - 4 (IGCSE)students.

☀️4 years experience in teaching Mandarin and Cantonese for foreign speakers online as a part-time private teacher: I have been teaching Mandarin and Cantonese online since 2016 and I have taught over 2000 hours of lessons.

☀️Flexible and Punctual: I am working as a full-time online teacher now so I have a flexible schedule. Please feel free to PM me if my slots here are not available for you.

☀️Qualified: I graduated with a bachelor's degree in teaching Chinese as a second language. I earned the National Teacher Certification and Mandarin level Test Certificate in 2017.

☀️Professional & Experienced: I have been teaching Mandarin and Cantonese online and offline since 2016. As a qualified and experienced teacher, I am able to tailor every lesson for you according to your needs. I am comfortable teaching kids, teenagers, and adults with different levels.

☀️Bilingual: I am a native speaker of Mandarin and Cantonese and able to teach both of them.

Qualifications & Experience

Education background:

2013 - 2017 Bachelor in Teaching Chinese as A Second Language


普通话水平测试等级证书 Mandarin level Test Certificate国家语言文字工作委员会 - Hainan Province,China

Mandarin secondary-level A Certificate 普通话二级甲等证书

This Certificate is to certify that the certificate holder is able to speak standard Mandarin and teach Mandarin for students.

中小学教师资格证National Teacher Certification教育部考试中心National Education Examations Authority(NEEA)

Examination Category : Primary School (English)

全国大学英语六级考试CET6教育部考试中心National Education Examations Authority

中小学教师资格证National Teacher Certification教育部考试中心National Education Examations Authority(NEEA)

Examination Category : Primary School (Chinese)

汉语教师志愿者资格证书 Certificate of Volunteer Chinese Teacher孔子学院总部/国家汉办 Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban)2017

Teaching Experience:

2016 - present

Full time Online Mandarin and Cantonese Teacher - Skype

Taught over 2500 hours courses for students age from about 5 to 60 years old.

2017 - 2020

Mandarin Teacher-Raffles International Christian School


2 years experience in teaching Nursery1 to Kindergarten2 and Primary 6 students, 1 year experience in teaching Secondary 1 - 4 (IGCSE)students.

Teaching Approach

My Lessons & Teaching Style

✨✨✨Kids Mandarin/Cantonese Course (For kids age from 5-13 years old with any levels.)

✔️ Topics: Colors, animals, family members, fruits and vegetables, body parts, vehicles, hobbies, etc.

✔️ Picture Books, Kids’ songs, videos, and other materials.


Easy Step to Mandarin/Cantonese for kids(Simplified characters)

Let’s learn Chinese(Traditional characters)、

YCT books

✨✨✨ Mandarin/Cantonese Beginners Course/HSK Preparation Course(For Mandarin Beginners age over 14 years old):

Learning Content:

✔️Introductions for Pinyin and tones. •

✔️Simple Grammar Learning, Sentences-making

✔️Simplified Chinese Characters Writing(Optional)

✔️Short Compositions Writing & Speaking

✔️Conversations Practice



✔️粤语(香港话)教程(For native Mandarin speaker or learners who are fluent in Mandarin)

✔️Materials prepared by myself(for Non-native Mandarin speaker)


✔️Easy Step to Chinese

✔️Chinese Made Easy

✔️HSK Standard Books

✨✨✨ Mandarin/Cantonese Conversational Course (B1-C2):

✔️ Learn and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar points with Conversations. Also, I will correct and perfect your pronunciation to speak more fluent, authentic Mandarin

✔️Learn with pictures, videos, and articles.

Rules and Regulations

*Cancellation or reschedule need to be made 12 hours before the lesson starts. The lesson held within 12 hours cannot be canceled or refund.

*If you need to be late, please inform the teacher before the class. If students do not show up within 15 minutes after the start of the class, the teacher will consider the student absent from class, and there is no refund or rescheduling available.

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