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Hello, my name is Kristine | Accent Reduction and I'm 48 years old and currently living in United States. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with since January 2018. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me


NOTE: Advanced speakers who want a longer lesson (90-minutes) please book 2 consecutive slots... we will have a 90-minute lesson with an emphasis on conversation.


*Accent Reduction Expert*

I am from sunny California and come from a long family line of professors.

My BIO is unique:

*I have professional training in Accent Reduction

*MASTERS of TEFL TESOL | 20+ years experience

*Presenter at International TESOL (Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages) conferences.

*National Tutoring Association International Member

*I am trained to customize your lessons based on NATIVE language, this is the KEY to success.


I will show you where to place your tongue, teeth and lips to make the different sounds in American English.

Did you know that many sounds come from a vibration in the throat...? We also have nasal sounds.

If you said these words on Speaker Phone, would you be understood?

live, life

reef, wreath

man, men

ladder, letter

bump, lump

their, where

ranch, rich

caller, color


"Since studying with Kristine, I have had many compliments from branch office in New York...My colleagues in the US can finally understand me on speaker phone"

-Yang, ESL student in China

"I was worried about my presentation in Los Angeles, but Kristine helped prepare me and I was able to answer all audience questions with ease. I have had many English teachers in my lifetime, but none who have helped me so significantly as Kristine."

-Sebastian, ESL student in Russia


Students appreciate my SENSE OF HUMOR and GENTLE approach.


*FREE support material

*A customized Lesson Prep document

*Lesson Feedback after each lesson


Let's have FUN...and LAUGH.


24-hour cancellation. If more than 10-minutes late, lesson will be forfeited at full rate.

*Ask about rates to correct your CV and written documents.

Qualifications & Experience


* BA, Honors, Math and French, Grinnell College, Top-Ranked US Liberal Arts

*Stanford University Math scholar, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Sorbonne in PARIS visiting French scholar

*Teaching Assistant, University level, Math and French

*Instructor, Writing, ESL and Math labs, University level

*MASTERS of TESOL TEFL | 20+ years experience

*Online English instructor to Business clients in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Moscow

*Career / Job Coach: Interview Preparation, Resume/CV editing, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Career advancement


Teaching Approach


⚡ 24-hour cancellation.

⚡ If more than 10-minutes late, slot will be forfeited at full rate.

Lessons while student is in car / noisy environment or audio-only lessons are not permitted.

Ask about rates to edit written documents, sold separately.

Thank You

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
17 Sep 2019
By : kimsie
Subject : English 
Great lesson as always!
23 Jun 2019
By : LicaOliveira
Subject : English 
Amazing lesson! I can have fun while learning a lot about pronunciation skills. Kristine makes a big effort on helping me exactly on what I most need!
15 Jun 2019
By : LicaOliveira
Subject : English 
I have been feeling more and more confident in my daily life! Thanks Kristine!
09 Jun 2019
By : LicaOliveira
Subject : English 
The lesson was great! Kristine really helps me with my pronunciation!

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