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Kristine H
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United States
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Hello, my name is Kristine H and I'm 47 years old and currently living in United States. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have taught online with since January 2018.

Detailed Profile in English

About me


~~Trained Phonics and Accent Reduction Expert~~

Greetings American English language learners!

I was born and raised in the United States and hold certification from the US National Tutoring Association.

I have over 20-years professional experience. I am a certified ESL/TESOL English instructor with vast experience both in and outside of the classroom.

I live in the beautiful, mountainous region of the western United States.

I have lived and worked downtown CHICAGO (the 3rd largest US city) in GLOBAL BUSINESS for over 10-years.

My family is from the San Francisco bay area in sunny CALIFORNIA. I have a great sense of humor and LOVE languages and different cultures.

PLEASE NOTE: I have formal training and certification in American Phonics | Accent Reduction

Compliments my students give me:

*I am highly skilled in teaching American pronunciation

*I teach well-designed and thought-provoking lessons!

*Students feel comfortable and confident speaking English with me

*Students receive job promotions and career advancements with the support of our lessons

~Please read my POLICY section at the bottom before booking a lesson... thanks!

Let's have FUN and get started!

Qualifications & Experience

I have a wide range of experience as an English teacher both in and outside of the classroom.

*I have formal training and certification in American Phonics | ACCENT REDUCTION

I have worked in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS for over 10-years downtown CHICAGO.

~I am not accepting New Beginner A1, A2 students at this time.



~It is ideal if you have a camera so that I can see your mouth.

~It is best if you have a headset with microphone, so that I can hear how you are pronouncing words (you will hear me better too)

If you do NOT have these.... it's OKAY, we can still enjoy lessons together!

Please make sure to download the newest version of Skype before each lesson, and to close all other APPS to achieve a high call quality.

My specialty is Intermediate (B1) to Advanced proficiency speakers.

My honorary degree in Mathematics arms me with the skills required to teach Business Clients in a variety of technical/medical industries.

My Liberal Arts degree, with honors, provides me with a unique ability to discuss a range of fascinating subjects, including Philosophy, Art History, Religious Studies, Comparative Literature and Music History.

I come from a family of accomplished professors and teachers who value the art of conversation.

Do you want to become a skilled conversationalist in American English? Your career will be greatly enhanced throughout our lessons together.

~Please note that to achieve significant progress, you will need to take more than 1-lesson per week.

~You will also need to engage in a variety of support activities at home to remain immersed in the learning process.

~I will provide you with support material. You can use it at your leisure and convenience. It is NOT a requirement (homework).


* BA, with honors, in Math and French, Grinnell College, Top-Ranked Liberal Arts

*supplemental coursework: Stanford University, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Sorbonne in PARIS

*Teaching Assistant, University level, Math and French

*Instructor, Writing and Math labs, University level

*TESOL Certification

*licensed substitute teacher, US Common Core: Dual Language immersion schools

*Trained Reading and Phonics (pronunciation) Interventionist in US schools with non-native speakers

*US National Tutoring Association certification: Professional Tutor

*Online English instructor to Chinese clients in Beijing

*Professional ESL teacher to Adults, Business and casual English

*Professional coach to non-native speakers: Interview Preparation, Resume/CV editing, Proofreading, Business English, Public Speaking, Career advancement

*US Common Core private tutor to non-native speakers


Do you need to learn the art of conversation for excellent networking skills in the business world? Do you need to reduce your accent?

Many of my clients receive promotions and land top jobs in America after our lessons together.

We can target interview skills, networking strategies, presentation abilities (including answering audience questions) and can work on writing sophisticated and professional business emails.

Would you like to be able to express complex ideas or technical matters in English more clearly?

Teaching Approach

I use the Communicative Approach and have special training in American Phonics (pronunciation).

My specialty is B1 - Advanced proficiency speakers

The Communicative Approach is the same method used in the Dual Language immersion schools where I teach in America. This means we will only speak English. This can be FUN and provide HUMOR too!

Our 45-minute lesson will cover these areas:

CONVERSATION (grammar and vocabulary)


READING/WRITING (comprehension and vocabulary)

I like to include an interesting current event or cultural idea to spark conversation.

For example, some states in America do not allow Christmas trees in public schools. Do you agree with this idea? Do you agree that English should be taught in schools when more people in the world speak Chinese?

Let's have FUN and get started!



Dear Students:

Due to problems with students not showing up for lessons, full payment is paid in advance as would be required for in-class English courses.

~Discounts are available on Verbalplanet for multiple bookings.

24-hour cancellation is required and the lesson must be cancelled on Verbalplanet.

Please contact me within this time frame, and I will set-up an alternative time for our lesson given a 24-hour advance notice.

Please book early to secure your desired time slot.

~Thank You Kindly~

My last class was :
17 Apr 2018
By : Andrea06
Subject : English 
I really appreciate your support and professionalism.
15 Apr 2018
By : igo
Subject : English 
Kristine has been a great help to me in terms of improving my conversational English! I highly recommend her lessons to the intermediate/advanced English learners who want to speak more like a native speaker!
11 Apr 2018
By : Andrea06
Subject : English 
It is wonderful I have finally found a good teacher. She has a really impressive method of teaching.
11 Apr 2018
By : jiclotus
Subject : English 
Excellent lesson

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