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Kristine H
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United States
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Hello, my name is Kristine H and I'm 46 years old and currently living in United States. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have taught online with since January 2018.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Greetings American English language learners!

I was born and raised in the United States and hold certification from the US National Tutoring Association.

I have over 20 years professional experience. I am a certified ESL/TESOL English instructor with vast experience both in and outside of the classroom.

I live in the beautiful, mountainous region of the western United States.

I have also lived and worked in downtown Chicago (the 3rd largest city in the US) for over 10 years. I have traveled extensively both in and outside of the US.

My family is originally from the San Francisco bay area in sunny CALIFORNIA.

I have a great sense of humor and LOVE languages and different cultures.

Please note I am specially trained in phonics and accent reduction, American Accent.

Compliments my students give me:

*I am highly skilled in Accent Reduction (American accent)

**I teach interesting and unique lessons!

***I quickly make students feel comfortable and confident speaking English

Confidence and poise are two main components of successfully speaking a second language.

Throughout our lessons, I will help build confidence, a positive outlook and a higher degree of comfort when speaking.

What are your English learning goals? Let's have FUN and get started!


**To ensure the highest call quality, please CLOSE the number of active programs you have running on your computer. Please only have SKYPE running.

***Please also ensure that you are using the latest version of Skype. Thanks!

Qualifications & Experience

I have a broad range of experience as an English teacher both in and outside of the classroom.

I have experience with Beginners to Advanced speakers.

Please note that if you are a B2 - C1 English speaker, you will need an experienced teacher to achieve significant results and progress towards C2 proficiency.

***My specialty is Intermediate (B2) to Advanced proficiency speakers striving to achieve C2 status.

My honorary degree in Mathematics arms me with the skills necessary to work with business clients in technical industries, helping to build sophisticated vocabulary and phrasing appropriate for a wide range of professions.

My Liberal Arts degree, with honors, provides me with a unique ability to discuss a wide range of fascinating subjects, including Philosophy, Art History, Religious Studies, Comparative Literature and Music History.

I come from a family of professors and teachers who value the art of conversation and debate.

Our lessons will be thought-provoking, stimulating and unique!

* BA, with honors, in Math and French, Grinnell College, Top-Ranked Liberal Arts

*supplemental coursework: Stanford University, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Sorbonne in PARIS

*Teaching Assistant, University level, Math and French

*Instructor, Writing and Math labs, University level

*TESOL Certification

*licensed substitute teacher, US Common Core: Dual Language immersion schools

*Trained Reading and Phonics (pronunciation) Interventionist in US schools with non-native speakers

*US National Tutoring Association certification: Professional Tutor

*Online English instructor to Chinese clients in Beijing

*Professional ESL teacher to Adults, Business and casual English

*Professional coach to non-native speakers: Interview Preparation, Resume/CV editing, Proofreading, Business English, Public Speaking, Career advancement

*US Common Core private tutor to non-native speakers

Are you at a crossroads in your life where learning English has taken a top priority?

Have you hit a wall with accent reduction?

Would you like to be able to express complex ideas or technical matters in English more clearly and freely?

Let me help guide you on this exciting adventure! You will feel comfortable speaking and learning with me!

Teaching Approach

I use the Communicative Approach for teaching American English. I have special training in phonics (pronunciation) and accent reduction.

This is the same method used in the Dual Language immersion schools where I teach here in the US. This approach means we will only use English when speaking.

This can be a lot of FUN and also provide HUMOR too!

Let's customize lessons to your individual goals.

As you determine, our lessons may cover any or all of these 3 areas:

CONVERSATION (grammar and vocabulary)


READING/WRITING (comprehension and vocabulary)

I like to include an interesting current event or cultural idea in our lessons to spark our conversation.

For example, some states in America do not allow Christmas trees in public schools. Do you agree with this idea? Why or why not?

Do you agree that English should be taught in schools when more people in the world speak Chinese than English?

Let's get started on your learning plan. What is your primary goal?

My last class was :
18 Feb 2018
By : dcristian
Subject : English 
Great first lesson!
17 Feb 2018
By : akasparova
Subject : English 
Kristine is very sensitive and patient teacher, she knows what she should say in each situation. Im very shy person, but during the lesson I didnt feel soo insecure. I hope that we wil continue and I improve my English.
15 Feb 2018
By : AnastasiaLv
Subject : English 
If you want learnig someting specific, just say it Kristine and She will certainly help you. I have been trying to find a poem to learn by heart and Kristine picked up amazing and very touching poems for me. Thank you!
13 Feb 2018
By : AnastasiaLv
Subject : English 
I had a grammar contradiction question that I hadn`t understood. Kristine gave me a clear explanation and provided many curious examples. I feel a progress of my English!

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