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 Hello, my name is Milica D and I'm an experienced native Norwegian tutor currently living in the United States. I have been giving Norwegian lessons online with Verbalplanet since 2018.  
Latest Reviews
tutor Cossy
United Kingdom
 Milica is very patient with us. We haven't booked regular lessons, but Milica helps us pick up where we left off and we are making progress.  
tutor ecdt67
United Kingdom
 Very good, as usual! 
tutor Bartolome J
 Checks your Norwegian level and from the on has tools to pull out topics. Was on time and everything was done as expected. 
tutor Cossy
United Kingdom
 I enjoyed my first lesson today. Milica supplied me with a work book and a link to a dictionary. I have some homework to do before the next lesson. 
tutor ecdt67
United Kingdom
 Great as usual! 
tutor ecdt67
United Kingdom
 Really enjoyed this! 
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About me - English


My name is Milica, and I am a Norwegian tutor with years of experience.

I have worked as a middle school teacher in Oslo for several years, where I taught Norwegian as a mother tongue, English as a second language, religion, art, and social sciences. I also worked at two different language schools in Oslo, where I taught Norwegian as a foreign language. My students there were immigrants from countries all over the world. They all taught me about their cultures and languages, so I can relate to any kind of background my students come from. Currently I work as a translator for Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.) I speak Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Norwegian, Swedish, English, some German, a little Spanish, a little French, and a little Russian. I am passionate about languages, literature, history and culture.

In my spare time I like to write, paint, and sew. I try to do yoga every day.

Qualifications & Experience


-The elementary education and teaching / Bachelor / University of Belgrade, University of Oslo

-English language and literature, Norwegian language, Education / Bachelor / University of Oslo

-American studies, English literature and language / Master / University of Oslo


-Reading and writing strategies in Norwegian as a mother tongue

-Reading in Norwegian

-Basic skills in adult education

-Evaluation of learning

-Teaching English to beginners

-National exams in Norwegian

Work experience:

Teaching assistant (The University of Oslo)

Elementary school teacher (Asker kommune)

Middle school teacher (Oslo kommune)

Norwegian teacher (Caritas Norge, Alfa skolen Oslo)

Swedish teacher

English teacher

Scandinavian languages translator

Teaching Approach

My teaching approach is supportive, motivating, and positive, and I accommodate your wishes and needs for the certain aspects of the language as well as its vocabulary. I have high ambitions for my students. I want you to explore the language you are learning by using it often, actively, and willingly. I prepare individual materials for the lessons (books, grammar exercises, listening exercises, vocabulary, articles). It is always posible to structure the lesson the way you want it. I share a google document with my students following the lesson, where you can have an overview of the grammar, vocabulary, and phrases we covered in the class. Additionally, this document can include homework.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, and I am looking forward to meeting you in class! :)

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