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Hello, my name is Anna Morgunenko and I'm 42 years old and currently living in Ukraine. I am a native Russian speaker and teach Russian. I have been an online Russian teacher with since January 2018. I can speak the following languages fluently: Russian, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me


My name is Anna and I invite you to learn Russian language online

Do you know what that says? It says HELLO! It is pronounced ‘PRE-VEE-YET’

I know what you are thinking - “Hey, that doesn’t look like PRE-VEE-YET to me!! As a matter of fact, I don’t know WHAT that looks like!"

Your journey of learning Russian online has begun! Don't worry, the Russian alphabet is not as different as you may think. Many of the letters look and sound exactly the same as those you already know and the others you will learn and understand very quickly.

Russian language online - the Natural Way

Do you remember how you first learned to speak your native language? Actually, you probably don’t, but I'll help you out! A native speaker spoke to you in their native language - again and again and again. It didn’t take you long to pick it up. You didn’t need a heavy textbook and lots of grammar diagrams. You heard, you associated, you repeated, you absorbed. You started small. Single blocks. One letter, one word, one sentence at a time. Remember now? You called them ‘Mom and Dad!’


See, you already know your first word! You know what it sounds like and you recognize it. You don’t have to think the letters, you just know what it means. You are closer to reading and speaking Russian language that you think. You will learn Russian language online with me the same way you did before - by listening and repeating again and again and again - listening to a native speaker, and starting with simple words and phrases that build on each other.

Repetition is the key

When you first try to learn a new language, this is what your brain does:

You hear or read the foreign word, you think the English word and sound, then you envision the concept it represents. For example:

Привет is Hello is a Greeting in Russian

To be fluent in a language, you need to hear or see the word and mentally associate it instantly with the concept without thinking of anything in between. I am going to help you get rid of ‘Hello’ (and all of your other English thoughts), and connect the Russian sounds straight to the concept. Hear - Understand. Instantly.

Just like when you were a kid.

Listen. Associate. Speak. Repeat.

Listen. Associate. Speak. Repeat.

Listen. Associate. Speak. Repeat.

Shall I continue? Actually, I will. That is the point.

Qualifications & Experience

1994 - finished the secondary school in Kiev;

1994-95 studied at the college in the USA;

2001 - graduated from the Kiev linguistic university, have a linguistic degree.

2004-2018 - worked as a private teacher (Russian and English private lessons, teaching via Skype).

I am an exprerienced Russian language teacher via Skype. I have been teaching Russian to foreign students since 2004 and had students from all over the world. My students learnt Russian for private and professional needs and all achieved good results.

Skype proved to be very effective. Skype education provides facilities to speak, write, read and listen. And using Skype is very time efficient in that there is no traveling to and from the lessons.

I had college graduates who mastered Russian at the college and wanted to use Russian in their private and business lives. Here's what one of them says:

“After completing a short course in conversational Russian at a local college, I continued studying independently using 
language tapes. I soon realized however, that I would never achieve true conversational proficiency without finding a way to practice speaking the language on a regular basis. When I discovered Anna’s online instruction service, I had great hopes that this would be the solution to my problem. I have not been disappointed! 

Anna is an excellent teacher. She is completely fluent in English, so I have no trouble understanding her explanations." - Robert from Utah, the USA.

Teaching Approach

I use a comminicative approach in my teaching, but I also teach grammar and explain some grammar issues as they come up. The lessons usually consist of three parts:

grammar, reading and talking. This method proved to be the most effective.

The communicative approach is the basic method used during the lessons when I just take the role of coordinator in interaction and meaningful communication such as role-plays, information sharing and problem-solving. Besides it, the direct, interactive method centered on the student is used. That means all teaching is done only in Russian language. It is important that a lot of visual material is used to help students understand better the meaning.

At the first stage of learning the new language students take part in short dialogues, pair and small group work. Then I create classroom activities in which students can negotiate meaning, use communication strategies, correct misunderstandings and learn how to avoid communication breakdowns. During the learning process, the emphasis is on the development of independent learning across all levels including the extensive work on study skills, good study habits, and self-assessment. There is a good balance between fluency and accuracy activities when teachers pay attention to grammar and pronunciation.

The greatest benefit is that it works effectively with all types of students .


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