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Hello, my name is Florence Suzette Lloyd and I'm 61 years old and currently living in Zambia. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with since February 2018. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I am an English Native speaker with more than adequate teaching experience and qualifications in teaching languages to foreigners as well as native English students of all ages and I recently moved to Zambia after living and teaching in South Africa and in South Korea for many years.

I like to travel and have been to a lot of different countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Living in South Korea for 4 years gave me the opportunity to travel extensively in Asia and learn the cultures of several countries such as China, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea and Hong Kong. Currently I live in Zambia and travel to different countries in Africa and to Madagascar. During my travels I stay with the local people and learn more about their cultures, food and language.

I am an excellent communicator for a natural love for all people and their native language. As a student my majors were languages and I studied in Afrikaans and English as well as a special course in French. Having Latin as one of my school subjects made me inquisitive about languages and the different influences of them on other languages.

Being loyal, dedicated and a hard worker are some of the attributes I am proud of. I wish to engage with students (of all ages and levels of education) and will use my vast knowledge and experience to help them to my best abilities.

Qualifications & Experience

My qualifications are the following:I have a BA Degree in Languages as well as a Teachers Diploma which I completed in 1983 at the University of the Orange Free State in South Africa. I studied B.Com Law through UNISA from 1994-1997

During 2011 I completed a Diploma in TEFL online during 2011

My Teaching experience are the following:

Various teaching jobs in English and other languages from 1982-1997

Lecturer in Accounting and Business English from 1998-2001

Lecturer at Christ For The Nations School 2002-2008

Teaching English at Government Schools in South Korea from 2008-2012

Mentor for English Teachers of 36 English Schools in Mpumalanga, South Africa- 2012-2014

Teaching Congolese and expats from other Africa countries in Practical English.( 2012-2014)

Proposal writer for NGO's from 2014-2016

In 2009 I receive a reward from the Korean Government for my contribution to the development of English as a Global language.

During 2012 I wrote a teachers manual for aiding English Teachers in teaching English as a second language in South Africa.

Teaching Approach

The globalization of English is quite inevitable and today more people want to converse fluently in English. My teaching approach to foreign language speakers will always be practical and realistic. I assume nothing and meet my students on their level of experience and background history. Direct language approach are the best to follow and politeness as well as friendliness is essential to create the right rapport.

Practical and realistic teaching methods entails that communication consist of every day life experiences and sharing through questions and answers. There are various teaching aids that can assist in teaching English to foreigners. Recommending TV programs, discussing books together, and using visuals in your lessons are some of the teaching aids available to assist in understanding.

As a tutor I always need to take their home language in to account and understand the grammatical structure of it. This will influence their perception and interpretation. I should also take my student's personality into account and help them to trust me as a tutor, allowing for introvert as well as extrovert personalities. They should be encouraged to talk freely and able to listen clearly with insight and understanding. Tuition should consist of at least 80% student participation and 20% tutoring. Practice makes perfect and student talk time promotes practice.

I have well worked out lessons on different topics that I have developed and applied, in practice, on non-native English speakers with success.


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