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Hello, my name is Maira Moreno and I'm 41 years old and currently living in Venezuela. I am a native Spanish speaker and teach English, Spanish. I have been an online Spanish teacher with since February 2018. I can speak the following languages fluently: Spanish, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello my name is Maira Moreno, I am 39 years old, I am a certified English teacher and I love teaching, I love being in contact with cultures, I like to travel, to know new places and meeting people. I like reading and researching about education, (methodology, planning, approaches, strategies, languages, technologies in language teaching and discourse analysis). I also like listening to music and sharing new experiences.

I consider myself as a proactive, easy going, talkative and organized person. Each class is a new and unique experience. I am a Spanish native speaker and I am also available to teach this language.

I am sure you will enjoy my motivational and dynamic classes, just feel free to contact me!

Qualifications & Experience

I am a graduate EFL teacher, I have been teaching English for over 20 years now. I have a master's degree in teaching English as a foreign language and a PhD in Education. I am also the Coordinator of the Master in teaching English as a foreign language . I have taught English from children to adults. I'm currently teaching undergraduate students at a teaching training college which is a public university in Venezuela for about 16 years. I have moderated online courses as well. My classes are based on students needs and interests depending on what they want to learn or practice.

September 2015/ Currently:Official Full time teacher – Category: “Asociado” – Dedicación Exclusiva Master EFL Coordinator. Teaching: Grammar, Grammar Seminar, Reading Seminar (UPEL-IPC) Caracas- Venezuela

March 2002 - 2015: Official Full time teacher – Category: “Agregado” – Dedicación Exclusiva Teaching: Grammar, English I,II, III, IV, V, Reading & Writing, Advance English, Speaking Club. (UPEL- IPM) Monagas - Venezuela

October 2002- July 2009: Teaching English from 1st to 5th year of senior high school students /"Escuela Granja Virgen del Valle" Monagas- Venezuela

September 2001- July 2002: English teacher of pre-school and primary school learners /Unidad Educativa "Privado Morichal" Monagas- Venezuela

Teaching Approach

My classes are based on students needs and from this, an approach or methodology will be chosen (communicative approach, eclectic approach). We are all different and learn in different ways. Each introductory class, I apply a diagnostic test to get to know about the level, strengths and weaknesses of the students and based on that I plan my classes with dynamic, motivational and funny activities to make the students feel free to participate and involve into the teaching- learning process. I can help students to develop speaking, listening, reading, writing and to improve grammar and vocabulary. I can also design and personalized your class depending on your purposes.

I am looking forward to teaching and helping you learn English or Spanish.

Detailed Profile in Spanish

About me

Saludos, Mi nombre es Maira Moreno tengo 39 años, tengo una amplia experiencia en la enseñanza del inglés como lengua extranjera, enseñar es mi pasión. Por ser hablante nativa del español y por la experiencia que poseo estoy capacitada para enseñarlo. Por lo tanto, cada clase de español será una nueva experiencia muy significativa y enriquecedora para el estudiante, ya que podrá satisfacer sus necesidades, intereses y a la vez desarrollar destrezas que lo conviertan en un hablante autónomo del idioma.

Me gusta estar siempre en contacto con otras culturas, conocer nuevas personas, escuchar música, viajar, leer e investigar sobre temas relacionados con actualización educativa (metodologías, planificación, enfoques, estrategias, lenguajes, tecnologías educativas, análisis del discurso, entre otros).

Me considero una persona proactiva, agradable, responsable y muy organizada. Por lo cual, si desea aprender español de una manera dinámica y motivadora no dude en contactarme.

Qualifications & Experience

Tengo aproximadamente 20 años dedicados a la enseñanza de una lengua extranjera, tengo una Maestría en la enseñanza de Inglés y un Doctorado en educación, he trabajado con los distintos niveles educativos tanto niños como adultos, desde principiantes hasta avanzados. Actualmente estoy enseñando a estudiantes que serán futuros profesores de Inglés en una universidad de Venezuela, en la cual tengo aproximadamente 16 años.

Experiencia Laboral:

♦ Septiembre del 2015 (Actual UPEL-IPC). Personal Docente Ordinario Categoría Asociado, administrando las asignaturas Gramática I, Gramática II, Seminario de Lectura, Inglés II y III.

♦Julio 2017 (UPEL-IPC) Coordinadora de la Maestría en la Enseñanza del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera.

♦ Marzo 23 del 2002 - Agosto 2015 (UPEL-IPMALA). Personal Docente Ordinario Categoría Agregado, administrando las asignaturas Gramática I, Gramática II, Lectura y Escritura y Psicolingüística.

♦ Mayo 2014 - Julio 2015 (UPEL-IPMALA) Coordinadora de la Maestría en la Enseñanza del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera.

♦ Junio – Julio 2013 Administrando las asignaturas Ensayo Didáctico y Medios y Recursos Instruccionales del Diplomado en Docencia Universitaria.

♦ Lapso académico Febrero- Mayo 2010-I. Administrando la asignatura Aprendizaje de una Lengua Extranjera, correspondiente al Subprograma de Maestría en Enseñanza del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera.

♦ Octubre 2002- Julio 2009 “Escuela Granja Virgen del Valle” Profesor Especialista en el Área de inglés.Estudiantes de Bachillerato. / Monagas- Venezuela

♦Septiembre 2001- Julio 2002: Unidad Educativa "Privado Morichal" Profesor Especialista en el Área de inglés. Estudiantes de educacional pre-escolar y primaria/ Monagas- Venezuela

Teaching Approach

Mis clases se basan en los intereses y necesidades de los estudiantes, tomando en cuenta ello se selecciona el método o enfoque a utilizar (enfoque comunicativo, método ecléctico). Sabemos que todos somos distintos, cada persona tiene su individualidad, nadie aprende de la misma manera que otros y cada quien tiene su manera de hacerlo. Es por eso que en cada clase introductoria aplico un examen diagnóstico para detectar el nivel, fortalezas y debilidades que tenga el estudiante, basado en ese examen se planificará cada clase de una manera organizada, motivadora, dinámica y divertida para que el estudiante se sienta participe en el proceso de enseñanza- aprendizaje. La idea es que el estudiante pueda desarrollar destrezas comunicativas, escuchar, leer, escribir y profundizar sobre la gramática y vocabulario del idioma que esta aprendiendo. De igual forma, cada clase será diseñada y personalizada atendiendo al propósito del estudiante.

Si su deseo es aprender Inglés o Español, estaré a sus gratas ordenes y con mucha disposición para ayudarle.

My last class was :
2 days ago.
11 Oct 2019
By : Sarah P
Subject : Spanish 
I had a great first lesson with Maira. She is very nice and attentive and we talked about a lot of interesting topics. I definitely feel more confident practicing my Spanish and no longer feel insecure with speaking and listening as I did before. I look forward to the next lesson and advancing in the language. muchas gracias
10 Oct 2019
By : Reilly05
Subject : Spanish 
I really enjoyed my first lesson with Maira. She is very friendly and aims to keep the conversation as fluent in Spanish as possible but is very understanding as I am relatively new to learning the language. The lesson was filled with new content as well as helping cementing words and phrases I have previously learned.
07 Oct 2019
By : grosbeak
Subject : Spanish 
It really is simply astounding that someone who is so qualified, pleasant, competent and engaged is available to teach on this online platform. I have referred my friends to Maira, and they are equally as impressed. My wife and I will continue with Maira as long as she is available. Thank you!!!
07 Oct 2019
By : JulieF33
Subject : Spanish 
I really enjoyed my first session with Maira. She is friendly, professional and is very keen to explore what you want to get out of the classes, to tailor a programme to suit you. She is a great listener and very good at picking up the essence of what would be helpful. As someone whose fluency is very rusty, she put me at ease and I felt comfortable expressing ideas from the beginning. I enjoyed her style and she clearly has strong experience and knowledge of how adults learn well. I'm very much looking forward to my classes with Maira!

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