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Hello, my name is Alastair Penney and I'm 48 years old and currently living in United Kingdom. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with since February 2018.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I live in Daegu, South Korea. I teach English to Elementary and Intermediate students. I am popular with students as I am caring and energetic in helping students understand reading texts. I make vocabulary and grammar interesting. My students become more confident in saying their ideas in full sentences of English. I help students become self-motivated and responsible for their learning.

I keep myself fit at the gym and I enjoy dancing. I dance Pop styles, Jazz, House and Bboy. I am interested in music, especially KPOP. I have been to many pop concerts in Korea. My favorite artists include Girls Generation, Tahiti, Crayon Pop and APink. I also appreciate traditional music and culture. I like to help students be knowledgeable about traditional values and festivals in their community.

I value students' artwork and interest in making things. I encourage students to feel inspired by their heroes in Sport and the Arts.

Qualifications & Experience


English Teaching

- Classroom teaching at Elementary and Middle School level.[5yrs]

- Internet-based teaching.[1yr]

- Current TESOL training

- Knowledge of Korean, Chinese and Japanese culture.

Foreign languages

- Beginners Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


Nov 2016 - present. Internet-based English teaching.

May 2013 - present. Teacher in Elementary and Middle School English in South Korea.

(full resume and references available on request)

Teaching Approach

I am popular and caring with students of all levels. I work through vocabulary lists, providing explanation through English. I teach simple grammar ideas and idioms.

When students find difficulty in using more than single words in conversation then I am patient and I write out answers for students to practice. I give students a grammar pattern, or simple expression, and set an exercise to create their own further examples. I provide supporting materials and worksheets for the course, detailing vocabulary, grammar and idioms from the lesson. I encourage weaker students to participate and not feel intimidated by a new language. I give my students lots of practice at conversation, where I correct words and help with repeating and practicing more fluent phrases and idioms. I use role-plays with the reading material. My Elementary classes have fun turning stories from the books into presentations in small groups acting out the characters to improve their self-expression and speaking confidence. I help students read accurately. I am patient and friendly as I take students through the correct pronunciation of the words and give examples of word uses from everyday experience. I have taught both U.S. and British English. I encourage students to pick out words and phrases from texts with which they are unfamiliar, as a basis for further examples. I also help students explore their own topics from online resources and speak about these in English. I help students become self-motivated and responsible for their learning. I have learnt this philosophy from many years experience as both a student and a teacher.

For my more advanced students I assist them with finding their own words for answers to comprehension questions. I help students give advice and become teachers in their own areas of interest.

I also help advanced students analyse the content of more complex texts on specialized topics, by making use of idea maps or other tools. I give students the confidence to take on difficult sources for subjects outside English class. Students gain practical techniques with which they can understand and memorise such material for re-presentation in their own words elsewhere.


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