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Hello, my name is Murtaza Malla and I'm 40 years old and currently living in Kenya. I am a native Arabic speaker and teach Arabic, English. I have been an online Arabic teacher with since October 2018. I can speak the following languages fluently: Arabic, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello, I am Murtaza Malla, a professional teacher, I love to teach and have a wide experience of teaching all around the world.

I have lived and studied in Cairo-Egypt, Singapore and India. I have taught in India,Yemen and currently teach in Nairobi-Kenya. I speak Arabic,English and Urdu, and having lived in Egypt and Yemen am comfortable with the Egyptian dialect as well as the Yemeni dialect. I am very friendly and passionate, I care for my students and have a cordial relationship with them.

I have an IBO Diploma and am well versed in current events. I have also traveled a lot and love to share my experiences with my students and friends.

Qualifications & Experience

I have 18 years of experience in teaching. The Academy where I teach has branches in India,Pakistan and Kenya. The Kenyan branch was inaugurated last year by His Excellency MR Uhuru Kenyatta the president of Kenya.

I have taught: English and Arabic language as well as literature and history.

I have an IBO Diploma

I have a certificate of participation in the Post Graduate Diploma of Education program at NIE-Singapore

I also have the degree of the Academy where I have studied and graduated, This academy has a specialized 11 year course, and the degree is recognized by various institutes around the world.

Teaching Approach

I am passionate about teaching, creative and engaging.

I care about my students and actively guide and help them in their work or school.

I can help you in conversing, school work and daily speaking.

Detailed Profile in Arabic

About me

السلام عليكم اسمي مرتضى و انا مدرس من 18 عشرة سنة

عشت و درست بمصر و ايضا درست في سنغافورة وكنت باليمن لمدة 5 سنوات

والان اسكن و ادرس بنيروبي بكنيا

احب الدراسة و التعليم و احب ان ارقي نفسي فبدات الدراسة على الانترنت

اكلم اللغة العربية و اللغة الانجلزية جيدا

اكلم اللغة العربية بالفصحة و ايضا اللهجة المصرية و اليمنية

احب اساعد الناس و التعلم دائما منهم

Qualifications & Experience

معي شهادة البكالوريا الدولية

ومعي شهادة الاشتراك في برنامج التعليم و التدريس من الجامعة من سنغافورة

درست الطلاب و المدرسين ايضا في اليمن حيث كنت اشتغل مع مؤسسة لتعليم الابناء في المناطق الريفية

سافرت في انحاء العالم : الهند،باكستان،افريقية ، الخليج،امريكا،سنغفافورة، مليشيا و اليمن واحب ان اشارك خبرتي مع الناس

Teaching Approach

ستجدوني صديقا و لطيفا

استعمل الاساليب المختلفة للدراسة

احب التوع

سافيدكم بالامثلة النافعة

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8+ days ago.
18 Nov 2018
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Subject : Arabic 
Excellent and teacher for both Arabic and Urdu/Hindi , I can highly recommend him.

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