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Hello, my name is Luis Díez and I'm 46 years old and currently living in Spain. I am a native Spanish speaker and teach Spanish. I have been an online Spanish teacher with since November 2018. I can speak the following languages fluently: Spanish, English, Italian. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello! My name is Luis, and I am a certified Spanish teacher from Castilla-La Mancha in Spain. I speak Spanish with a clear, neutral accent. I've also studied English and Italian so I understand the challenges of learning a foreign language.

I love to teach my native language, writing, reading, listening to music and even recording my own demos at home. As lessons are personalised to suit your own needs and requirements we can work on these interests or those more convenient to your learning.

Taking advantage of my academic background, my experience as a language-learner and my passion for Spain and Spanish I consider myself privileged because this inspiring and stimulating job has enabled me to meet great people from different countries and help them to learn Spanish and express themselves with ease.

Qualifications & Experience

I received a certified training with International House, Instituto Cervantes in addition to the Master of Teaching Spanish as a Foreing Language (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares - Madrid).

Teaching Approach

I create lessons that are engaging, fun and tailored to your level and interests. You will practice your Spanish in a natural, conversational context and you will get the support you need to make real progress.

If you want to improve your Spanish, reduce your accent and sound more natural or if you need to speak Spanish fluently as soon as possible, I can help you. I am a Spanish native tutor with a neutral accent.

Get the support you need to reach your Spanish language goals: moving to Spain, finding a job in Spain, meeting your partner´s Spanish family, extended holidays or sabbaticals in Spain, buying property in Spain, doing business... whatever your needs are, I create the lessons with your aims in mind.

Learn with me and I will help you master the language and express yourself with ease.

Detailed Profile in Italian

About me

Ciao! Mi chiamo Luis Díez e sono un insegnante di spagnolo online per stranieri. Sono nato a Guadalajara, città della provincia di Castilla-La Mancha (Spagna).

Ho una laurea in economia e commercio, ma ho sempre avuto un grande interesse per la filologia inglese, così come per la traduzione e l’interpretazione. Ecco perché, dopo vent'anni completamente dedicati al mondo del commercio, dal 2015 ho riscoperto la passione della mia giovinezza e dato una svolta alla mia vita professionale per insegnare lo spagnolo come lingua straniera.

Qualifications & Experience

Ho seguito dei corsi di formazione e tirocini con International House, con l'Instituto Cervantes e un master di insegnamento dello spagnolo come lingua straniera(Università di Alcala de Henares - Madrid).

Teaching Approach

Grazie a questo background accademico, alla mia esperienza personale come studente di lingue e alla mia passione per la Spagna e lo spagnolo, ho avuto la fortuna di incontrare grandi persone provenienti da diversi paesi e aiutarle a migliorare la loro conoscenza dello spagnolo.

Mi piace insegnare la mia lingua madre, la scrittura, la lettura, l'ascolto di musica e anche registrare le mie canzoni a casa. Le mie lezioni sono personalizzate in base alle tue esigenze e necessità. Possiamo strutturare le lezioni sulla base dei tuoi interessi per rendere il tuo apprendimento più efficace e veloce.


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