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Carine Yuen
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Hello, my name is Carine Yuen and I'm 35 years old and currently living in Hong Kong. I am a native Chinese Cantonese speaker and teach Chinese Cantonese. I have been an online Chinese Cantonese teacher with since November 2018. I can speak the following languages fluently: Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 90% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello! 你好 Warm Greetings from Hong Kong.

My name is Carine. I have 7 years of teaching experience. I work in schools and also offer online Skype / Zoom classes.

My classes are great, I teach everyday!

Qualifications & Experience

Started teaching Cantonese 7 years ago.

Master degree in TCSOL.

Taught 500+ hours to all levels, to kids, teenagers and adults.

Teaching Approach

Our Skype class =

(1) well-structured course

(2) teacher to help you speak & consolidate

(If you want to see how some of the classes look like, please check the sample video below)


- Focus on listening and speaking training

- Materials based on your needs

- Website material free for you to explore

- Set reachable goals and review your learning


We create a learning plan for the forthcoming lessons.

I will give students:

(1) selected materials based on your needs

(2) "Textbook-class" supporting needs on tone & pronunciation, actual everyday conversation and grammar learning. [See below for more details]


Before class : your study/preparation with assigned, customized material

In the class : pronunciation and oral skills will be checked, tones, vocab, sentence drills to make sure your knowledge is internalized and consolidated

Before the end of the class : recap, Instructions for homework

Detailed Profile in Chinese Mandarin

About me

七年教學經驗. 有相關碩士學位.

香港人, 流利普通話.

Qualifications & Experience

给懂汉语/ 华语/ 國語的学生 : 課前准备, 我们会用一本专书, 第一课只需要熟讀第7页词汇 [具體指引請聯絡我, 歡迎預約了解更多].

Teaching Approach

学习指引: 每页, 花三至五分钟重覆听录音[大概听五次, 每一个字之间, 你可以停下来, 也可以嘴巴试试能否发音], 不要看"广州拼音", 要集中脑听和嘴说, 记着发音, 但不要要求自己太高. 这是你第一部处理及记忆生词. 语法, 可以自行看專書. 有不明白上课问. 课堂内, 第一部份学习是纠音辨音[听说] , 第二部份是真实生活聆听及对话--不是书内的对话--[听说], 我们会做纠正发音, 最后我们会聆听1-3段简短真实对话. 若有其他學習需要或目標, 可細看下列內容, 試課時間再行討論了解. [註 : 視頻的內谷是給外國學生的材料, 專書是專為懂中文的人士]

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8+ days ago.

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