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Hello, my name is Yasuyuki Tani and I'm 31 years old and currently living in Ukraine. I am a native Japanese speaker and teach Japanese. I have been an online Japanese teacher with since February 2019. I can speak the following languages fluently: Japanese, English, Russian.

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About me

Kon ni chi wa !

My name is Yuki, and I'm a Japanese native speaker, who was born in Ishikawa.

I like talking with people and I am really passionate about teaching Japanese. The reason why I like teaching is because I am continually learning. Every time you ask something about Japanese, I can understand how people think about the language and culture. This is so interesting and make me very interested in studying languages as well!!

Now I am a student at the University in Ukraine and studying the Russian language. That's why I understand that languages are difficult and interesting at the same time!

Also I can talk about many things for example ,,, I've watched a lot of Anime and read Manga before, so these topics are totally okay for me. I can talk about Japanese culture and maybe you can ask me why ~~~ in Japan? Sports, movies, dramas ....etc...

I'll be waiting for you! Seeya!

Qualifications & Experience


- I've been teaching Japanese as a tutor in Ukraine for half a year.

- I taught Japanese language in Japan as volunteer for years.

Teaching Approach

In my lessons. You can choose

-Free talking lesson ( we talk about what you want to talk and I will correct your mistakes and write down how do we say naturally)

-Using your text books (Minna no nihongo or Genki)

-Using my word files, which you can tell me some topics or themes and I will make it for you!

I can teach you Japanese in English, in Russian and of course in Japanese. I'm very flexible so we can make our lessons better by ourselves.

My last class was :
8+ days ago.

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