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Hello, my name is Mariarosa Pacorigh and I'm 55 years old and currently living in Italy. I am a native Italian speaker and teach English, Italian. I have been an online Italian teacher with since February 2019. I can speak the following languages fluently: Italian, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I graduated in English and wanted to be an English teacher.

I started teaching English for mechanics and electronics in a local technical high school and thoroughly enjoyed learning about technical topics from my students while teaching them how to express the same concepts in English.

Then I was approached by local companies in need of developing their managers' linguistic skills to be able to work effectively on the international business scene. This is when I specialized in training Business English for professionals, i.e. the business language specifically focused on sales, negotiations, presentations and public speaking. My business training experience was particularly interesting as several topics were developed in cooperation with the managers attending my courses so that each lesson would be truly meaningful and purposeful to them. The feedback I received was definitely encouraging to further develop the courses from A2 through C1 (CEFR chart). Also, to meet the tight schedules, I started using an online platform where my students were able to log in to go through homework and additional learning, at any time which suited them best.

My teaching method is based on focusing entirely on the student's needs, designing the course to meet and satisfy both the needs and the student's expectations. The whole course can therefore be focused on general conversation, work/job- or business-related topics, literature and essay writing in view of exams and several others.

I have recently widened my teaching skills to teaching Italian to foreign students, mainly university students taking Italian literature.

I am completely flexible in designing a course to meet specific needs and expectations and I will be looking forward to doing so for you, so please get in touch!

Qualifications & Experience

Master in English - Language and Literature

English for mechancis and electronis - high school

Business English - customized courses covering business needs as sales, negotiation, presentations, public speaking and the like

Experience in teaching online - using online platform for additional homework and more learning material was made available

Teaching Approach

Through the 20+ years I have been teaching English, I developed quite an experience in understanding how to meet students' needs and how to fill their linguistic gaps along the way .

I strongly believe that successful teaching is based on a cooperation between teacher/trainer and student and this brings to the development of a sound and open relationship, where I expect my students to express their needs, requirements and expectations towards their learning and I offer them the knowledge and support (and encouragement) to reach their goals in learning English (or Italian).

Each lesson is based on a given topic (depending on course focus) and I always make sure that my student gets all the necessary time to get through both understanding and practising, as well as lots of conversation.

Unless a student specifically asks for written exercises, I tend to assign written tasks as homework and dedicate live classes to conversation to improve the student's fluency and his/her confidence with the language.

Detailed Profile in Italian

About me

Ciao ragazzi !

Sono un'insegnante italiana e vivo in Italia, in una casa in mezzo alla campagna.

Dall'insegnamento dell'Inglese nelle scuole superiori sono passata al training linguistico per i professionisti nelle aziende e quindi mi sono specializzata in Business English.

Da qualche tempo mi occupo di insegnare italiano agli stranieri.

Sono consapevole delle difficoltà che presenta la Lingua italiana e per questo utilizzo un metodo molto divertente e coinvolgente che vi aiuterà ad apprendere rapidamente e senza sforzo !

Sarò molto felice di ricevere le vostre richieste e se avete domande, sono qui per rispondere,

Vi aspetto!


Qualifications & Experience

- Laurea Magistrale in Lingue e Letterature Straniere - 110 e Lode

- Insegnamento della Lingua Inglese in scuole superiori tecniche

- Training aziendale per professionisti

- Insegnamento della Lingua Italiana come LS2

Teaching Approach

Sono consapevole delle difficoltà della Lingua italiana, della grammatica e sintassi e anche della ricchezza del vocabolario.

Per questo motivo utilizzo un approccio didattico divertente e coinvolgente, che si basa soprattutto sulla pratica sia per l'espressione verbale che scritta.

Ogni lezione è legata ad un argomento di interesse quotidiano del quale analizzeremo ed utilizzeremo le espressioni tipiche ed i vocaboli.

Poi, per i compiti a casa, sceglieremo insieme una tipologia di lavoro che sia di vostro interesse e che, quindi, vi dia la soddisfazione che meritate!

Perchè l'impegno per imparare una lingua straniera è importante e deve essere ricompensato dalla soddisfazione di potersi esprimere e dal piacere del lavorare per imparare !


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