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Dawn Gounden
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Hello, my name is Dawn Gounden and I'm 39 years old and currently living in South Africa. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with since April 2019. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, Afrikaans, Zulu. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I'm from south Africa, I can converse in English , Afrikaans,, Zulu and my native language Tamil. I love interacting with different people , learning their traditions and cultures . South Africa is a diverse country full of diversity from the different races, religions , cultures and traditions therefore I'm always enlightened by it. I love the outdoors , especially appreciating our beautiful ecosystems and beaches. I love to research on past history as well as future technology.

The best way one survives in a diverse country is through different forms of communication and trying to learn the different languages, because language should never be a barrier I'm currently learning to speak Italian as I'm amazed by Italian cooking and often try new recipes. Loving animals have led me to fight to save the rhino . I am the South African representative for Sea shepherds conservation society saving our marine mammals and oceans, In my free time, I love doing my boxing routines, swimming , reading and listening to my favourite band.

Qualifications & Experience

English is my first language , I have studied English as an advanced subject at university level . I have excelled in skills for English, which I use in my techniques whilst tutoring.

Currently I'm tutoring senior secondary students focusing on exam preparation and tests In English comprehension and composition . I have tutored foreign adult students that have been employed in SA. I have 7 years of experience as a private English tutor assisting both kindergarten to senior levels students . Having qualified in skills for English , I have a assisted media with articles on current affairs within my community.

I am also motivational speaker in my city. I have vast amount of practical experience in teaching English both writing and speech . I have done online tutoring for past 2 years for distance learning students in south Africa via the LINE app.

Teaching Approach

I will design a customized learning plan to meet your personal learning goals, and keep you motivated and excited to learn English. You will experience a noticeable acceleration in your English skills and gain a competitive edge by speaking more naturally and with increased confidence.

This is what you can expect:

• Pronunciation techniques to reduce your accent and sound more native.

• Learn how to properly use idioms, slang, and colloquial language and well as professional and academic English.

• Increased confidence in speaking and listening skills in any situation.

• Lessons are structured to meet YOUR learning needs. Long and short term students are welcome.

• Cultural competencies like small talk, interpersonal communication, and business skills.

If you are planning to study abroad or work with foreigners, you will also have the advantage of cultural competencies like small talk and cultivating personal and professional relationships cross-culturally in English. This is more important that you may think! I have free trial lesson and discounts for lessons and on customized courses . Verbalplanet

My last class was :
8+ days ago.
26 Aug 2019
By : YelenaBykovskaya
Subject : English 
I had 6 lesons with Dawn, we work together very productive. We are planing our lessons in advance, concentrate us of my prononciation and of topics I sent her before the lesson. Thank you Dawn.
05 Aug 2019
By : Jose P
Subject : English 
The lesson was really fun. She adapted to my level of English and helped me with the pronunciation. I'll repeat for sure! Thank you!
28 Jun 2019
By : Leo T
Subject : English 
An amazing lesson I got with her! She is really a good English teacher. Just booking her lesson and enjoying it. Thanks for all you taught me, Dawn.
08 Jun 2019
By : Danmax
Subject : English 
I had super trying class. The duration was 45 mins instead 25 mins. We discussed different topics: my porpose of learning English, how I prefer to learn English. She gave me good suggestions how to improve English constantly. Thank you, Dawn!

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