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Hello, my name is Percy Chen and I'm 33 years old and currently living in China. I am a native Chinese Mandarin speaker and teach Chinese Mandarin. I have been an online Chinese Mandarin teacher with since April 2019. I can speak the following languages fluently: Chinese Mandarin, English. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I have been working as a part-time English teacher for two years. The main job is to teach English to Chinese students with primary and intermediate English proficiency. Obviously, my Chinese is very good (absolutely better than Obama) because I like writing , I have written a lot of poetry. So I hope I can bring out my keen sense of my mother tongue and help a lot of people who want to learn Chinese.

Of course, you can't expect my English to be better than Obama's. However, my English might be about the same as Trump's. So, I am confident that I can be a great Chinese teacher.

Qualifications & Experience

I have got a bachelor degree in fine art. I have two years of experience of teaching English.

Teaching Approach

I will give a personalized teaching plan according to the language level and personal characteristics of different students .

1. I will first check the students' mastery of the basic concepts of Chinese characters and Chinese Pinyin. I will arrange the appropriate course as needed. For example, Pinyin learning, because this is very important for pronunciation, if students master Pinyin, they will get twice the result with half the effort in subsequent learning.

2. For students who have already mastered Chinese Pinyin, I will try my best to let them know the essential differences between Chinese and English (if the students' native language is English or similar to English), so that students can adopt the correct learning method suitable for Chinese. Because Chinese and English have a system that is very different in nature from the very origin. The former is ideographic language, so writing and shape are very important, while the latter is phonetic language. However, many students will use a learning method of their native language to learn a foreign language, which will be unavoidably inefficient.

3. For students who have already had good Chinese proficiency, I will try my best to teach them to use authentic Chinese expressions, and to encourage them to express more freely.

4. Regardless of the stage of the students, I will try to integrate Chinese local culture and history into the classes. On the one hand, it will help to bring more fun to the learning process. On the other hand, it will also enable students to understand the cultural phenomenons behind the language thus to increase students' interest in learning.

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