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Hello, my name is Jameel Al-Bazili and I'm 43 years old and currently living in Yemen. I am a native Arabic speaker and teach Arabic. I have been an online Arabic teacher with since April 2019. I can speak the following languages fluently: Arabic, English. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

I have been teaching Arabic language to non-native speakers for over 15 years. The best way to acquire a language is to learn it with one local teacher who is experienced in teaching the language to non native speakers and who has been learning the different theories and methodologies of teaching languages. Through this long period, I have been developing several structured materials: modern standard Arabic, Yemeni dialect and media Arabic from beginner novice level to advanced level. Besides, I have composed several quizzes, and achievement tests. I like this job very much because I get to know different people from different cultures. I help them practice the language skills and share ideas. Students can make their decision to study Arabic with me after the trial lesson 45 minutes with 50% discount.

Qualifications & Experience


2007-2009, Master of Business Administration, Open University of Malaysia.

1994-1998, Bachelor of Education, English Language Teaching, Sanaa University.

2003 (Oct.), Certificate in Excel, first class, The City and Guilds of London Institute

2003 (Nov.), Certificate in Word Processing Techniques, first class, The City and Guilds of London Institute

Work Experience:

2014 to Date, Online tutoring, part time teacher

2014 to Date, Curriculum Developer, Co-authored (Arabic textbooks for non-native Speakers)

2011 to Date, Freelance Translator (English to Arabic and Arabic to English)

2010 to Date, Co-founder of Competentranslation, English to Arabic translation services

Teaching Approach

I have been adopting the communicative approach for teaching languages, following the ACTFL (American Council on the teaching foreign languages) guidelines. I do my best in order to help Arabic learners achieve the 5 Cs (Communication, connection, culture, comparison, and community). The learners equally practice the 4 language skills and grammar through planned and structured materials and exercises. But, I am flexible to discuss with each learner the best way s/he wants to practice each skill and the proper pace that suits him/her.

I have been using structured materials that suit learners' levels and that take them through a clear learning path. At the end of each lesson, the learner is requested to do homework tasks, and to use the new vocabulary in phrases, sentences (for beginners), or in paragraphs (for intermediates), and articles for (Advanced students).

I have developed proper quizzes at the end of each section of the module so the learners do them to evaluate their progress. Besides, I have developed comprehensive achievement tests for learners to do after completing 50-hour courses.

Fortunately, the textbooks can be purchased easily from Amazon or Payhip, and the mp3 recordings and vidoes can be shared with learners.

- leaning Arabic using these materials and educational aids is an interesting and enjoyably task.


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