Sendy C - Balance Creative : Chinese Mandarin
Sendy C - Balance Creative
Chinese Mandarin
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  Hello, my name is Sendy C - Balance Creative and I'm 36 years old and currently living in Australia. I am a native English speaker and teach Chinese Mandarin, English. I have been an online Chinese Mandarin teacher with Verbalplanet since April 2019. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, Chinese Mandarin, Italian. I am currently offering a discounted initial trial lesson at 50% of my normal lesson price for new students. 
About me - English

My name is Sendy and I help students empower themselves so that they can better contribute to benefitting the world in their unique way. I speak English, Mandarin, Italian and Taiwanese. I have a personal understanding of Eastern & Western cultures being a Taiwanese-born Australian from Sydney who has lived in Europe, Taiwan and Australia. I love organic food, nature, music, sustainability, design and art. I believe sharing different cultures and experiences are essential to living a full life, but above all my spiritual journey has taught me that crucial to living is kindness.

Qualifications & Experience

My teaching experience spans over 17 years internationally with students of all ages ranging from age 3 to adult, in individual and group environments both privately and institutionally. I have experience with students from all over the world, including Taiwan, Italy, Czech Republic, China, Japan, Thailand, France, Germany, Switzerland, and more. I studied at the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) , Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Australian Institute of Music (Sydney, Australia), Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) and Sydney Girls High School (selective school for the gifted and talented - Sydney, Australia).

Institutions / programs I have taught with include (in order of age levels):

* Westminster Masterclass Language School: business / conversational English - ESL (adults)

* Sentia Language School: business / conversational English - ESL (adults)

* AH+B College: general English - ESL (adults)

* Oxford College & Specialty Language Centre: high school teaching (high school), high school preparation, business and conversational English - ESL (adults)

* Oxford College (high school)

* Bud'anka High School (for the gifted and talented)

* Tallpoppy Tutors (primary and high schools)

* Headstart English School (primary school)

* An Even Start: an Australian government tuition program associated with the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN)(primary and high schools)

* Jumpstart English School (pre-school)

Teaching Approach

I facilitate student-centric learning through enjoyment, direct and relevant application, creativity and multi-dimensional integration. I aim to be positive, engaging, stimulating and flexible as each unique student is non-static in his/her personality, learning styles and experience (academically and otherwise). Rather than teaching by one fixed method, I dynamically draw from and fuse various approaches including, but not limited to, Montessori and educational kinesiology. I believe it is important to balance methodic structure with organic flexibility and practical application that is directly and immediately relevant to the student.

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