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Hello, my name is CJ Lee and I'm 39 years old and currently living in Taiwan. I am a native English speaker and teach English. I have been an online English teacher with since May 2019. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students.

Detailed Profile in English

About me

Hello, my name is CJ. Thanks for looking at my profile!

Aside from teaching English, I spend a lot of time in Japan and East Asia in general. I really like anime, old Japanese architecture, and other things related to Japanese culture. I also like to travel quite a bit. It's my hope to see as many countries as possible.

I have been teaching English online for nearly 3 years. I'm happy to expand to Verbalplanet because it gives me a chance to meet many new people (like yourself) that I may have been unable to meet.

It'll be easier to discuss these things face-to-face. So, as soon as you can take a lesson we can have a real conversation!

Qualifications & Experience

I have completed over 2400 lessons and met just under 600 students in my last 2 and a half years of teaching online. I have 3 certifications.

1) ITTT TEFL Certification (100hrs) - 2008

2) Certificate of Achievement I to I (120 hrs) - 2016

3) Certificate of Achievement I to I (20 hrs) - 2016

Teaching Approach

My approach to teaching is quite simple and not for everyone.

Basically, my approach is determined the moment I speak to my student. In other words, it changes with every lesson.

Students needs vary just as much as their personalities, preferences and so forth.

So if you're into deep conversation, then that's exactly what we will do. I have enough topics to keep you interested in every lesson. In addition, you'll discover new words, phrases and we'll acknowledge any mistakes you might be making in your speech.

If you need to work on grammar, we'll work on exercises step by step.

If you need to prepare for an interview, I have simulations that will help you to prepare for that, as well as suggestions for you to be as ready as possible.

Phrasal verbs, idioms, prepositions, modal verbs, synonyms, pronunciation practice, etc are all possibilities during the lesson.

The one thing that does remain the same throughout every lesson is the student feeling as comfortable as possible. I prefer to create an atmosphere where the student can feel at ease.

Having taught so many lessons, I realize that some people prefer more of a formal setting. I understand that, and in some cases, I can provide that... However, I prefer to keep things relaxed.


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