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 Hello, my name is Clare Whitmell and I'm an experienced native English language tutor currently living in the United Kingdom. I have been teaching English online since 2019.  
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tutor Marlene-Dattoli
 Claire is an exceptional English teacher. I would like to express my utmost gratitude for the valuable training and care in supporting and providing guidance for my life investment purpose, working towards building a new career. Claire's sessions have proved successful in boosting my confidence and crafting tailor-made job answers during which I practice interview questions and CV writing to stand out in the market and focus on achieving measurable goals. Thank you for setting off this journey together. I remain committed to the challenge of developing more effective strategies to enhance my profile!:) 
tutor Marlene-Dattoli
 This was a "ice breaker"class yet we worked hard to prepare for an upcoming interview. Claire's approach is holistic and ensures I gain valuable insight to interview my best. I have just kicked off this journey to employment and I really suggest preparing the employment transaction with a professional like Claire, for a personalized training and focus on specific areas. 
tutor Sofiaziavra
 Clare helps me a lot in improving my English!  
tutor Berbendor
 Great lesson! Booking another one soon for sure! 
tutor juujuu
 Thanks for all your helpful tips to improve my writing! It's highly appreciated and I'm looking forward to our next session! 
tutor juujuu
 I just had a lovely first session with Clare: warm and clear feedback! Looking forward to our next session! 
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About me - English

Hi there!

I'm an experienced and qualified English teacher, with more than 20 years' teaching experience. My job has taken me all over the world, and I've lived in Hong Kong, The Netherlands, France and Italy.

I teach all levels of English, but I specialise in intermediate and advanced levels. I'm passionate about helping you get confident in English so that it becomes a natural, easy part of your personal and professional life. My experience teaching general and business English, as well as preparing students for the Cambridge exams, means that I can help you identify the areas to focus on for excellent English - whether that's vocabulary development, pronunciation, grammar correction or fluency practice.

Languages are one of my hobbies! My degree is in French, but I also speak Italian fluently. In my free time, I like walking and cycling in the beautiful English countryside, reading and watching films.

I can't wait to meet you and help you with your English goals!

Qualifications & Experience

I've taught English for more than 20 years to adults and teenagers. I have the RSA Diploma in TEFL (equivalent to the DELTA - the Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) which is the highest English language teaching qualification, and I'm also a Cambridge Speaking and Writing Examiner for the Cambridge exams (KET, PET, FCE and CAE).

I have a BA Honours degree in French with Linguistics, which I obtained from the University of Southampton.

I have taught individuals and groups in both private and corporate training situations. In recent years, my focus has been on exam preparation for the Cambridge exams (First, CAE), writing skills, and pronunciation.

Please note: I do not teach English to young learners (under the age of 12).

Teaching Approach

I believe that confidence is the secret to English fluency, which is why I want you to feel relaxed and supported in your lessons with me. I'll give you clear and thorough explanations when you need them, as well as practical and honest feedback, so that you know exactly where you are making progress - and the areas to work on.

Our first lesson is a good opportunity for you to tell me what you want to concentrate on. From there we can develop a learning plan so you meet your goals quickly. A typical lesson could include:

- a review of your previous lesson

- speaking practice for fluency

- work on pronunciation, vocabulary development or grammar (as needed)

- exam preparation (if you're studying for an exam)

- an optional homework activity to help you consolidate / practise what you learnt

All my lessons are tailored to you and your needs. Many of my students are already at a high intermediate or advanced level and need to perfect their English for their work or to pass an exam. We work on specific areas to improve, so that speaking and using English feels natural.

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