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Yunus Emre Zerk
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 Hello, my name is Yunus Emre Zerk and I'm an experienced native Turkish language tutor currently living in Germany. I have been teaching Turkish online since 2019. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
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Latest Reviews
tutor 06 Jul 2021
ayat s
 extremely nice  
tutor 01 Jul 2021
 Very great tutor. He is a master of grammar. Truly teacher. He helped me a lot in understanding Turkish logic. 
tutor 12 Feb 2021
Btisem M
 Yunus is a real teacher, very well organized, very professionnal. The first lesson motivates me more to continue to have lessons with him. His methods are efficient and clear, the learning path too, and he uses great books. You can trust him ! 
tutor 17 Jan 2021
 Yunus Emre was structured and organised tutor with learning materials in hand . Using Zoom and screen sharing was helpful and interactive. My kids have enjoyed his trial class . We will be booking more classes with Yunus Emre . I can recommend Yunus . Thank you Yunus  
tutor 12 Jul 2020
Sanket S
 Yunus been a great and patient tutor and I will be continuing learning Turkish through him.  
tutor 04 May 2020
 He taught me a lot in a short time. I must truly say that he is an amazing tutor. Very friendly and funny. 
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About me - English

Hello everyone! My name is Yunus Emre and I was born in Istanbul in 1988. I started to learn English in my high school then Spanish and then Arabic. It's a great experience to learn new languages and to know new people. I have travelled to many countries, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Jordan, Lebanon and Georgia. I like to travel and to know new people and culture. My main job is teaching Turkish with online and face to face lessons. My hobbies are playing tennis and travelling.

Qualifications & Experience

I am a graduate of Ankara University and my major is industrial engineering. I learned English language in my high school and I always try to improve my language skill.

For a long time I have been dealing with foreigners and I have been teaching Turkish for more than five years online and face to face. I have many students from different countries, Britain, United States, Germany, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Italy....and from different age groups. I am giving lessons not only to adults but also to (+6) children.

I worked as a Turkish teacher in an Istanbul Institution for two years. Currently I am working as a freelance Turkish teacher.

Teaching Approach

My lessons will be designed for your needs. Beside that I am using a famous Turkish Teaching Institution's books as a resource. At the beginning of the lesson I start with reviewing the previous lesson and then I make a short quiz or exercise related with previous lessons. Secondly I teach that day's topic and make some exercises in the book using four skills (reading/speaking/listening/writing). At the end of the lesson I give homework generally using work book or sometimes just to write a short paragraph or to prepare a speech. Also I will tell you which subjects we will learn in the next lesson. During my lessons I mostly speak Turkish and force my students to speak more and more. About the application, I use Skype or Zoom mostly sharing my screen and for taking notes I use Google Drive in order to take a look at the notes even after the lesson.

My lessons will be funny, easy to understand and really comfortable for you.

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