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  Hello, my name is Marc Neilson and I'm 49 years old and currently living in the United States. I am a native English speaker and teach English, French. I have been an online English teacher with Verbalplanet since November 2019. I can speak the following languages fluently: English, French. I am currently offering a free initial trial lesson for new students. 
About me - English

I have extensive experience in helping students of all ages achieve academic excellence related to English, Business English, French, Advanced Placement Subjects, and Communications.

Throughout my career in international relations, I have always kept one hand in the teaching arena. Most recently at the World Bank, I delivered operational and soft skills training to staff around the world. I work with Bank staff to help them achieve their professional goals and often work with staff who need extra help in English, presentation skills, or writing.

As part of my consulting work, I deliver corporate training to staff at various Government agencies. I work with staff of all levels ranging from junior to diplomat. Using my extensive background as a former United Nations staff, I go beyond simple strategies and add my specialist knowledge to courses. This helps improve credibility, but also offers a balanced view of what it takes to excel academically and professionally. Most recently, two of my courses were officially added as FDA core curriculum courses for their Oncology Center of Excellence.

I also work as a private tutor for lower, middle, and high school students. I tutor in French, English, AP, and SAT/ACT exam prep. I am pleased to note that all my students studying for an AP exam passed. Many of these students were challenged with their studies due to a variety of issues ranging from learning disabilities to personal conflicts at home. I know how important it is to gain the larger picture before suggesting an academic improvement plan. More importantly, I deeply care that each of my students succeeds. I want to bring this same passion to Verbalplanet.

I offer a balanced, diplomatic, and pleasant online presence. I work well with others and relate well to students from all backgrounds. I am especially astute to the multi-cultural atmosphere one finds with online training. Since I have worked with professionals and students from every imaginable country, I have a special tact that allows me to better assess challenges students may face, regardless of background.

Recent work trips abroad have taken me to Brazil, Kazakhstan, Peru, UAE, Egypt, Serbia, and India.

Qualifications & Experience

I have 25 years of teaching experience. Please note my most recent experience from the US Food and Drug Administration, World Bank, and C2 Education. Please also note I have been ESL certified since 1995. I am also an e-learning course design expert.

My certifications include US SAT and ACT exam teacher certification and C2 Education AP teacher certification

Most recent experience includes the following:

Deliver high impact presentation skills training to medical professionals within the FDA Oncology Center of Excellence.

Coordinate with management team on design of courses to maximize applicability.

Consistently secure repeat business with various units to advance presentation and communications skills.

Recently succeeded in improving online broadcasts related to the latest in cancer drug approvals.

Deliver and design writing, business skills, and presentation training to various World Bank Group organizations plus International Monetary Fund.

Able to deliver high quality training tailored to country office teams and World Bank corporate initiatives.

Consistently help gain repeat business from country teams as well as from international corporate events.

Expert in video conferencing and design of online course delivery.

Able to deliver courses internationally to a diverse range of audiences. Recent training was delivered in Kazakhstan, Brazil, Peru, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Colombia.

Recently began communications project with Staff Learning focusing on key activities which demonstrate training value and business impact.

Delivered individual training for junior and middle school students preparing for AP exams, SAT/ACT exams, and high school French and English.

Achieved 100 percent success rate with Advance Placement (AP) exam preparation in US History, World History, and French.

Helped students improve their SAP and ACT practice scores with a measured improvement rate from the actual exam.

Produced learning plans for students experiencing academic difficulties.

Teaching Approach

I am very adept at creating individual learning plans to help keep learners on track during their school or career advancement. For example, I recently worked with a group of 30 administrative World Bank staff wishing to transition into professional jobs. I mentored them throughout their six-month training as part of a readiness program. The mentor-ship included developing a study structure, writing and presentation skills, and offering professional advice as a current Bank professional. I am pleased to note that two staff from this group have already transitioned to the professional grade.

When it comes to online training, the approach must be precise and effective. I accomplish this with clear session objectives, solid connections with students, ensuring lessons are consistently themed and following online engagement procedures.

Finally, I must note that I consider myself friendly and fun. Despite my corporate background, I ensure lessons are never dull and, especially with younger learners, strive to make the learning process enjoyable.

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